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When the good fairy comes to town . . .

Councils in Australia were all about the Three Rs – roads, rates and rubbish. MidCoast Council was always about the roads. And the bridges!M It comes with the territory. . . and heck, we sure got a lot of ‘em!

Welcome our new GM!

The new General Manager of MidCoast Council, Mr Adrian Panuccio, starts work July 9. Is this a man who is a dreamer and an achiever? Who thinks and acts creatively and is consultative? Does he understand the depth of country

MidCoast budget blunder of, oops, $13 million

While the rest of the country was digesting Scott Morrison’s self-congratulatory Federal Government’s Budget, sparks were flying in Gloucester, as our dear MidCoast Council presented its fiscal budget for the year.   This so-called budget had been put up on

Wingham revisted… A year on

Oh dear, Winghamites are still wondering where the grant money of $50,000 went, that was meant to beautify the town.  Well, this was all explained in this newspaper in June 2017 so, if you haven’t noticed the planter boxes (now

Kiss the brush goodbye?

Following feedback from our concerned community over unauthorised plans by the self-appointed WAG (Wingham Advancement Group) to turn the iconic Wingham Brush Nature Reserve into a defacto congested camping ground, Mike Thomas, a representative of the National Parks and Wildlife

The Symbol of a Tree

To suddenly turn a corner and see the raw stumps of several trees, slashed by Council from the fence-line of a town parking lot, seems to symbolise the sad state of Taree township. A tree is shade, shelter, beauty, an environmental

Pure and Simple

Our nutritionist, Lydia Irving, interviews Heidi Falding, of Marrook Farm. Pure and simple, these are the words Heidi used to explain Marrook Farm’s ethos for yoghurt making. Made from the most pure of ingredients, and simply delicious, is how I

Welcome to Wingham!

The Wingham Brush Nature Reserve has always been a place for local people and visitors to spend a day picnicking, fishing, putting a boat in the river, walking through the Brush. But, since a small local, self-appointed group, WAG, the

The background story

We asked Wingham resident, John Stockard, a member of the original team who fought to restore the Wingham Brush, and pioneered a world first in rainforest regeneration, known as the Wingham Brush Method, for the background story.  Wingham Brush Nature

Bridge to Nowhere?

Council goes back to the drawing board. Consider the musical chairs that will be played out with  our key community resources, and the disruption to our community over the next few years, if the proposed new $20 million bridge over

It’s MCC Showtime, Folks!

MidCoast Council has announced a series of ‘Community Meetings’ to be held between 19 April and 16 May across the Council Area. The presentation will be structured around: Customer Service. The Call Centre. How Council is working to improve information

Maybe Master’s Rule is not ok?

This article takes a critical look at the Consultant’s report, the financial analysis, and the conclusions reached as MidCoast Council considers relocating their three amalgamated councils into the cavern of the former Master’s building in Taree.     MCC &