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In the jumbled storage area that used to be the nurses old quarters in Manning Rural Referral Hospital, Taree, a forgotten collection of twenty five murals has been re-discovered. They were painted by esteemed children’s artist and author, Pixie O’Harris.

At last! We have a Climate Change Policy and Plan

At the June 26, MidCoast Council Meeting held in Forster, Councillor Peter Epov successfully moved a Notice of Motion for Council to develop a Climate Change Policy and a Climate Change Action Plan on a vote of 8 to 1,

Is Wingham Withering Or A “Vibrant Community”?

An outsider’s view  Anyone who has read the in-depth articles about Wingham in the June issues of FOCUS magazine and The Manning Community News might be scratching their head in bewilderment because the articles are like night and day; one


This comment was posted on this paper’s website (www.manningcommunity in response to last month’s article “Whither Wingham”) TO THE EDITOR  Email: simon-kath@XXXXXXX URL: xxxxxxx Comment: “Interesting article. It’s easy to criticise but really what have you done personally to contribute

Leslie Allan Murray AO

With the passing of local legend, and internationally acclaimed poet, Les Murray, we ask, what fitting tribute could we give to establish some kind of local commemoration of him? With the passing of local legend, and internationally acclaimed poet, Les


This was the first headline used on the front page of the first edition of the Manning Community News. June 2015 There was concern for the future of Wingham, businesses struggling, a lack of imagination and progress. Hello? Here we

Help At Hand Here for New Mothers!

Meet Shelley McClure MidCoast “Mama to the mummas”! The common saying goes “It takes a village to raise a child” but I believe it also takes a village to support a Mother and family, especially in the early days, weeks

Pursuing a Movie Dream!

It takes a lot of guts, energy, money and faith to make your own feature film!  But MidCoast couple Graham and Chris Mansfield have done just that! Written, funded and produced a feature film, The Ghindaring.  The story takes place


At the 10 April Council Meeting, MidCoast Councillors voted by nine (9) votes to one (1) to advance the $40 million Masters Office centralisation project to the Design stage which is estimated to cost around $1 million. Councillor Epov was

Common Sense and Good Questions.

Among those in the community who spoke at Council against the decision for Council to move to the Masters’ Building, based on the figures presented to Council in the report commissioned by Council from the Balmoral Group – a national

Bob & Co Make A Pit Stop With Us

The irrepressible Bob Brown, his partner Paul, members of the Bob Brown Foundation, and a convoy of supporters are driving  to Queensland to raise awareness …yet again, at the madness of allowing the Adani mine to go ahead.  We had

What low life has done this?

Okay, you can call me a tree hugger along with a lot of others who appreciate trees. Who not only respect and enjoy the beauty, peace and comfort of sheltering shady trees, or who have been awestruck standing in the