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We have a government led by a Prime Minister in denial that anything is wrong. His sales pitch and hype is hitting a sour note. Not to mention the secrecy. For a marketing man he has a tin ear. Not


If ever there was an indication of the dire straits we are in as a result of drought caused by Climate Change, it’s right here.  The Wingham Brush, drawcard to the Manning Valley, is critically drought-stressed from the worst drought


It is only the start of our summer and the loss of habitat from bushfires in our region and elsewhere, particularly in eastern Australia, is profound. Bushfire experts, like Professor Ross Bradstock, University of Wollongong is advising that worse is


Almost six months have now elapsed and the residents of the Wingham and indeed the broader MidCoast community, particularly those who have family in cemeteries throughout the LGA, are still no wiser as to how such a desecration of their


Is it fear of loss of face, bull-headed stubbornness or genuine belief the Masters is the best medicine for us all?  But the plan to defer the decision on Masters for six more months, has been stomped on by Council. 

Fire Storm – The Aftermath

In the wake of the devastating, unprecedented bushfires with a long dry, hot summer ahead of us, obvious questions ‘What next?’ and ‘Where to from here?’ are being asked. This is the time to talk about Climate Change and our

Help us, help Manning Hospital

We want to hear from you. In light of the current ongoing tragedy of the bushfires, many serious issues in our community have been exposed.  This includes the deficiencies of our downgraded, underfunded, struggling hospital. This natural disaster we’re experiencing

Extinction Rebellion Mid North Coast…Who We Are.

Chris Sheed OAM If you hadn’t heard of Extinction Rebellion a few weeks ago, chances are that you have by now.  Extinction Rebellion (often abbreviated to XR) has almost become a household phrase following the intense media coverage of the

Council Finances – Still a Mess!

Last month we wondered if MidCoast Council had made “ . . . The Dumbest Deal EVER?” We revealed some of the key financial provisions relating to the project entitled ‘The Forster Civic Precinct’, which is not really a ‘Civic Precinct’  but a library

Local food matters. Here’s why.

By Sarah Groom Homemade Healthy Happy Farm & Farmstay Recently, pig farmers and butchers across the Mid North Coast received less than 24 hours’ notice that Eversons Food Processors in Frederickton would no longer be processing pigs. Although a handful


It Might Be The Only Way To Save It! A medico speaks. Times are getting desperate at the (now called) Manning Rural Referral Hospital. The title signifies its downgrading.  In a frustrated and wide ranging talk, a medical specialist from

Is This the Dumbest Deal EVER?

A Good Deal for the Developer it seems! Is the Forster Civic Precinct project, including the new library, the dumbest deal ever for the MidCoast Council? Riskier and more radical than even the Masters Office Centralisation Proposal?  Many in the