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James Paton is away on leave. His Legal Matters column will return next month. Related PostsUnderstanding your Will

Councillor Len Roberts assault charges adjourned

The court Hearing of assault charges by Zac Schmierer against former Karuah Land Council Member,Cr Len Roberts, were part heard before Magistrate Caleb Franklin in the Raymond Terrace Court December 5, but the case has  been adjourned until mid December


We all have animals whether they are dogs, cats, birds or fish, reptiles or, perhaps, a pet shrimp.  Often our animals become part of our family.    Like our family members we have a duty of care in relation to


There is a lot of news happening now about Royal Commissions. The newest Royal Commission, investigating the Aged Care Industry, has copped a lot of flack recently in the media.  Elder abuse is also very topical and there are many

Cr. Len Roberts Assault Update:

Following our front page story on the upheaval at Karuah Land Council as the majority of members tried to oust self-appointed CEO, Cr Len Roberts…. Here is the background in case you missed it and the latest update…  At the

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone!

All of us who have a driver’s licence, especially those who have had it for some time, probably take it for granted.  Some of you may have had the odd speeding offence, where you lost some demerit points, but the


Unfortunately, in our society now, one in three marriages (and de-facto relationships) ends in separation. The hardest legal issue to deal with is – the children.  The Family Law Act provides that the children’s best interests are of paramount importance.

When it comes to separation. Does anyone really get a fair deal?

We look at Family Law Property. When parties separate, the two main issues are: who cares for the children? how is the property divided? The Family Law Act 1975 is very specific in relation to what the Court can take

Understanding your Will

Know the basics before it’s too late What is mental capacity, and how do you know whether it has been lost? Sometimes you may be the person who has to decide whether another person has mental capacity to sign documents