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They say there is no such thing as a free lunch. However, with a bit of luck, ingenuity and effort you may be able to get a free home? Now I’ve got your attention.  With, all the fuss in relation

What’s Important to You and the Common Regrets of the Dying

During this horrendous time with the drought, fires, loss of lives and loss of animals and insects it seems to be a time where we all have had to consider what’s important to us in our lives. When you are


Everybody these days seems to have a mobile phone. Indeed, hard to imagine life without one!  If you have a mobile phone and a driver’s license you should know that mobile phone detection cameras started targeting illegal mobile phone use

Cyber bulling, the youth and the law

Q: We often hear in the media about cyber bullying, but what actually is it? A: If someone is bullying another person by sending emails or messages or saying or doing things online more often than not it is referred

What is eConveyancing?

Electronic conveyancing (eConveyancing) is part of the NSW Government’s commitment to leading digital innovation with the aim of minimising the manual process and paperwork associated with the settlement and lodgment of property transactions. It is also in line with the

Neighbours – they can affect your blood pressure!

In this day and age, unless you are out there on the wallaby all alone, we all have neighbours.  Even if you are in a caravan then you are going to have neighbours at various campsites or caravan parks.  Having


We all probably know someone who has been through a divorce or property settlement.  You may have heard via the media that due to the back log, delays and costs associated with commencing any family law actions, a report was

Zero Tolerance for Commonsense Driving

As of 20 May 2019 all drink and drug driving offenders will immediately lose their licence and receive a hefty on-the-spot fine. Announced on 6 May 2019, NSW Roads Minister Andrew Constance has described it as a ‘zero-tolerance’ approach to

What low life has done this?

Okay, you can call me a tree hugger along with a lot of others who appreciate trees. Who not only respect and enjoy the beauty, peace and comfort of sheltering shady trees, or who have been awestruck standing in the

Your Family and Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, domestic violence seems to be in the news, in the media, on a too regular basis.  So, what is domestic violence?  Domestic violence is any behaviour that is violent, threatening, controlling or intended to make you or your family

No Mines at Gloucester Sets A Precedent

The Rocky Hill Court Decision is a win for Australia “Dear residents of the Manning and Gloucester valleys – The Gloucester community is deeply grateful to EDO NSW staff and Barrister Robert White for their unstinting support of the Gloucester


Have you ever considered what will happen to your beloved pets when you die, whether it be your cat or dog or your pet snake . Pets are legally the property of their owner and therefore can be gifted in