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I’ve never had much time for August and September so I’m glad it is over for another year.  I am often asked ‘what is my favourite fishing month?’ I have no hesitation in answering – February. Why February?  Generally, the water


Many fish visit at certain times of the year. Right now it is the holiday season for tailor and salmon. Although I am a fan of tailor, particularly slow smoked, I really can’t get too excited about salmon.  Apart from

Protecting Pipis

Pipis are a wonderful natural resource which are underrated both as a seafood and a natural bait to catch bream and whiting. We are so fortunate to have local beaches which support a healthy population of the shellfish. Stockton Beach

The secret society of Luderick hunters

In an annual procession, that has been happening for as long as I can recall, luderick (sometimes called Black Fish) and bream follow the mullet on their northern spawning run along the beaches and into the estuaries. Named “ground fish”


For me, there is no better habitat for dusky flathead than that which exists in Port Stephens . . . (though you might have your own little secret spot. The warm shallows west of Soldiers Point provides the ideal environment

Marine Park on pollies’ radar

It was during September last year that local diver and fisherman Greg Finn and recreational fisherman and Port Stephens Examiner columnist John Clarke met to discuss the state and effectiveness of the Port Stephens – Great Lakes Marine Park. It

Skill Is The Real Deal

When it comes to fishing, I am a dinosaur. I haven’t changed my methods since I caught my first fish in the Tweed River many moons ago. Bait on hook, toss out and hang on. I reckon, if it works

Corps de Crab Ballet!

Here they come, tap dancing down the channels and entering the port from the Karuah River, Tilligerry Creek and the Myall system. Blue swimmer crabs right on time for the annual school summer holidays.  For those who are unfamiliar with

Stinker Launches another book

Stinker has many talents! He’s published four books and I was honoured to launch his latest children’s book – “The True Adventures of Clarabelle”. It’s a true story based on the 1955 floods when a cow was washed down the


The most frequent question I am asked – “Are there any sharks in Port Stephens?” – hoping that my answer will be – “No, there are no sharks here”. The truth, of course, is, “Yes there are!” This honest answer


Mulloway are what could be called a prized catch and sit high on recreational fishers “must catch” bucket list. Port Stephens, both inside and outside the harbour, has a very healthy population of thumping mulloway up to a hefty 30kg.

You Beaut Winter Bream

Our fishing guru, John “Stinker” Clarke, recommends finding the best late winter, first of spring, white bream. This is the time of year to head to the beach in the mornings and evenings to chase a winter bream on a