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Letter to the Editor: GTCC General Manager responds to SRV article


Dear Editor I wish to respond to your front page article titled “Who Understands The SRV” in the January 2016 edition of the Manning Community News. Given your publication advertised the consultation on the SRV in 2015 it seems odd

Letter to the Editor: Council and SRV – Strange Happenings


Dear madam, I sent this letter to the editor  of the Manning River Times and it seems that they do not wish to publish this letter. It seems, and this is a hypothetical comment,  that it may conflict with financial

Who Understands the SRV?

Some of the community might now be aware that the GTCC has plans to increase our rates. To do this, Council is required to apply for an SRV (special rate variation) from IPART – the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal which is an approved independent statutory body which

Council has no money!


As our Greater Taree City Council is constantly telling we ratepayers that they have no money to carry out certain jobs, why then is it necessary to continually employ so many engineers and staff in Council chambers to oversee all

Wither Wingham?

The old Wingham Hotel

What will Wingham look like in 20 or 40 years’ time? Will it be a bustling, thriving country community, a sleepy backwater, or virtual ghost town? Or will vestiges of its long history be gone and replaced with a modern