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What is really going on here?

While the land has been the subject of various contested challenges and complaints for a decade, Midcoast Council needs to come up with some answers,  the community is now seriously worried, as photographs have come to light of the unauthorised

Planetary health – We’re all in this together

On Thursday 14 December last year, Helen Clark, formerly Administrator of the UN Development Programme and Prime Minister of New Zealand,  launched the new Planetary Health Platform at Sydney University. Planetary Health recognises the links between human systems and the


The Koalas in Care group are planting koala friendly trees on land offered by private owners at no cost to the landholders. It is independently operated by local volunteers and they run a 24 hour koala rescue hotline 6552 2183 

Where are the Jack Mundeys of today?

Jack Mundey became a national figure in the early 1970s when as Secretary of the NSW Branch of the Builders’ Labourers Federation (BLF), he led the union’s famous ‘green bans’. This extraordinary conservation campaign redefined the development of Australia’s major

Boomerang Bags take off

Ideas to stem the use of plastic going into our oceans and landfill, have ranged from high tech, scientific gizmos, to all manner of experimental ideas. However, it seems that grandma knew best. Remember when we went shopping and came

Undermining Adani

  “When I rafted the Franklin in the 1970s, I knew the campaign to save that spectacular river, despite local support for damming it, would become one to test that generation. In 2017, stopping the Adani coal mine is a

Fukushima. An Unfolding Cataclysmic Event.

By Dr Jim Frazier Six years ago a magnitude 9.0 earthquake followed by a giant tsunami crashed into Japan and swamped the Fukushima nuclear Power plant causing a serious meltdown. The current situation with the plant after considerable effort by

The Future of Fishing

Following our story on recreational and commercial fishermen, Dr David Lloyd, from Southern Cross University, responds about the future of fishing and our seafood industry. Marine life is important ecologically, economically and socially, but is under threat for a number

Pulse of the Future

Sagadevan Mundree is a professor at the Queensland University of Technology—Saga to his friends. He came to Australia from South Africa but his family is of Indian origin. And he’s leading a revolution. A revolution in agriculture. And it could

The Future of Our River – Under Threat?

Dr John Harris sounds alarm bells about threats to the health of our river system. ‘There are a number of threats facing the Manning River, although its condition hasn’t changed a lot over recent time. Yes, climate change has a

The lucky country? Or simply second rate?

  In this extract from his talk on Radio National’s “Ockham’s Razor”, Scientist and author, Prof. Ian Lowe, challenges Australian leaders to closely examine the state of the environment, population and economy to plan a better future.  “The late Donald

OUR HOUSE . . . Rachel and Noel Piercy.

  Acting Director of the Manning Regional Art Gallery, Rachel Piercy, and her husband Noel, have built an eco friendly home in Tinonee and haven’t had a power bill since! Q) What made you decide to build a Strawbale house?