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The charming, peaceful and historic Bight Cemetery on the Tinonee Road outside Wingham, has been a treasured landmark for decades. The first grave goes back to 1859 and it is the sheltered green and shady resting place for many of

We leave planet earth, or change our lives

Tony Doherty, founding member of Climate Change Australia Let us imagine for a moment that we humans are not causing climate change. There is still an important reason to change the way we live.  It has been calculated that if

No Mines at Gloucester Sets A Precedent

The Rocky Hill Court Decision is a win for Australia “Dear residents of the Manning and Gloucester valleys – The Gloucester community is deeply grateful to EDO NSW staff and Barrister Robert White for their unstinting support of the Gloucester

Bob’s coming for a cuppa, and you’re invited!

In April The Bob Brown Foundation is leading a convoy to drive from Hobart to the Galilee Basin, west of Mackay, in a showdown to stop the Adani mine. And he hopes concerned Aussies will drive with him. There will be


Charles Pope One of the great pieces of legislation that has evaded policy makers is the need to produce energy at minimum cost, maximum reliability, and minimum carbon emissions. Renewables (mainly solar and wind) with battery backup are touted as

Hunting on a main thoroughfare?

The other morning I drove up to see the sunrise at Breakneck Lookout in Kiwarrak State Forest above Taree. And beautiful it was too, though the logging has left behind some devastation and it’s hard to spot any big old

Flying-Foxes are friends to the forest

FAWNA is perturbed about the sensationalist and alarmist take up in the media this week suggesting a spike in adverse human contact with flying-foxes.   This follows a recent alert from the Hunter New England Health that two of a number

Rainforest – dispatches from Earth’s most vital frontlines

Tony Juniper Profile Books, London, 2018 Rrp $32.99 Tony Juniper CBE is a prominent and well-known British environmentalist, campaigner, writer and sustainability adviser with numerous prestigious awards and a very extensive c.v.   Juniper joined the staff of Friends of

Planet over profit?

International air travel has never been such good value as now and aircraft are more comfortable, quieter and better in almost every way.  All good news for travellers. Hmmm!! Maybe.  But the next time you are celebrating those cheap flights

Local koalas get a boost

Myall Coast koalas are the focus of an ambitious new project to discover how best to look after them into the future. The Myall Koala and Environment Group has funded an exciting pilot survey with some fantastic results. Nine koalas

Why i’m deeply concerned about the state of the various global environments, and the welfare and survival of future generations.

Dr. Jim Frazier OAM. ACS. GLOBAL WARMING. Global warming is only one small facet and gets all the press but, when you examine the bigger picture, there are far more serious issues now affecting the survival of mankind, and seriously

A local resident pleads for a better life for Koalas!

To Mr Adrian Panuccio, Councillors and Staff, MidCoast Council. First of all, I would like to congratulate and welcome Mr Adrian Panuccio, starting his new job as our General Manager for MidCoast Council. I hope this will be an opportunity