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Re Terry Stanton’s letter – Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor The following is an article from The Tyee 29 April 2011, it makes very interesting reading when compared to the letter in your November 2015 edition from Lawrie Ayres concerning CSG in Alberta Canada. Whilst I don’t claim

Gloucester Council and CSG – Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor, Below is the letter I have sent to Premier Mike Baird. I thought it time someone stood up for businesses and people in Gloucester, where the debate for the future has been hijacked by a Council that has

Rural Australia – Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor, Your October edition is remarkable. Craig Shepherd says “…if we don’t start looking after ourselves locally and nationally, we’ll be done. You can’t eat coal and gas”. Di Rayson trumpets solar and wind power and the near demise

Let’s be gas free – letter to the Editor


Dear Editor, One of the things I’ve noticed over the years is the propensity to base campaigns, usually negative, on poor information or misinformation. The anti-nuclear proponents cite the utter devastation and high death toll of Chernobyl and Fukushima  as

One brother’s journey

Steve Posselt describes himself as an engineer, author, adventurer, eco-warrior and grandfather. Steve, aged 62, is currently paddling his kayak up the Mississippi on a personal campaign to raise awareness of global warming. Steve, from the NSW Northern Rivers, plans