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Friends’ Favourite Food Memories

Eating in the Fifties Remember… Pasta had not been invented.  It was macaroni or spaghetti.  Curry was a surname.  A take-away was a mathematical problem.  Pizza?  Sounds like a leaning tower somewhere.  Bananas and oranges only appeared at Christmas time. 

Three aunts and a baby

Great aunts, actually. Since Poppy arrived last June, we’ve inched a generation along the family tree. It’s yet to be decided whether we’ll earn our new moniker.  The call to arms came over a text: “Hello, Aunties, is anyone free


Some friends share.  GARY’S BEST EVER BREAKFAST. Entre was an abandoned dance around the Café Neon, where Kominos the owner penciled food orders on the white marble counter top.    As a regular, my order of tomato salads and 8

The Global Vegan

Hello! My name is Ellie. Some of you may know me from my plant-based recipe blog and Instagram account, Elsa’s Wholesome Life. I published my first book in 2017 and I am very excited to be back with even more

A special recipe from a special friend (with help from Helga.)

Todd Alexander is an author and a friend who lives in the Hunter Valley with his partner Jeff where they run a boutique vineyard and accommodation business called Block Eight.  Todd recently visited the Manning Valley to promote his memoir,

Nutrition, Wellbeing and Menopause

Someone once said to me, “If only they had told me about the weight gain that can occur as a result of menopause, then I would have done something earlier”.  It becomes a battle for women, particularly between the ages


Pinch of Nom by Kate Allinson and Kay Featherstone is published by Bluebird, RRP$39.99 and is available in all good bookstores. This is a good winter warmer dish that combines the gentle heat of Cuban spices with tender beef, which

The Village

Matt and Lentil. Published by Plum, RRP $45.00 Available in all good bookstores.

Panissa rice


Delicious vegetarian fritters

from Elisha at EJ’s Bistro, Wingham Golf Club  CORN FRITTERS WITH AVOCADO & SWEET CHILLI SALSA Makes 12 Corn Fitters 4 Fresh corn cobs, Scaled to kernals 1 diced Spanish Onion 2 cups all purpose flour 250g Ricotta cheese 1

Roasted Garlic Ribollita

Moroccan eggplant recipe

INGREDIENTS 3–4 eggplants 1 kg roma tomatoes 3–4 teaspoons ground cumin 3–4 teaspoons ground coriander 3–4 teaspoons paprika 6–8 cloves garlic 1 bunch flat-leaf (Italian) parsley Olive oil  ½ cup red wine vinegar Salt and freshly ground black pepper  ¼