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The Coal Truth: The fight to stop Adani, defeat the big polluters and reclaim our democracy

David Ritter  $29.99 Since 2012, the fight to stop the opening of the vast Galilee coal basin has emerged as an iconic pivot of the Australian climate and environment movement. The Coal Truth: the fight to stop Adani, defeat the

Elizabeth Macarthur. . . “LIFE AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD.”

Michelle Scott Tucker Text Publishing  RRP $32.99 For those growing up during the twentieth century, a lot of information was available regarding the development of agriculture, during the formative years of the various Australian states and territories. Much of this

Remember the Snake Man of La Perouse?

During much of my adult life, whilst living in Sydney, I have taken overseas visitors to two places.   One is The Snake Man of La Perouse, and the other is the Reptile Park, near Gosford.  People from Europe are

The first casualty

Peter Greste Penguin Random House.  RRP $35.00 Al Jazeera is an international news and current affairs TV network, owned by Al Jazeera Media Network, a state-owned organisation, based in Qatar, established in 1996.  Al Jazeera’s spread, geographically and nation-based, is

Maggie has the recipe

One of the nicest things about being a guest at a Writer’s Festival, is meeting interesting people, who happen to have written a book or two. So, I was thrilled to meet Maggie Beer, great cook and writer, TV personality,


Joyce Morgan.  ALLEN AND UNWIN. RRP  $34.99   The late1940s and the 1950s were very much a quiet period in Australia’s history.  The horrors of World War 2 were being replaced by the rebuilding of lives, homes, families, infrastructure, and

Accidental Aid Worker

Sue Liu.  Zulu Communications Rrp $35 This autobiography just had to be written.  This amazing woman has lived four lifetimes of an ordinary woman and, in doing so, has made a huge difference to many hundreds, perhaps thousands, of lives.

Beyond The Silver Screen

A History of Women, Film-making and Film Culture in Australia, 1920–1990. Melbourne University Press Mary Tomsic.  $51.95.   This work, published by the Melbourne University Press, is an academic study, presumably a thesis for a Phd, about women in the Australian film industry,

The Second Son

Diana von der Borch- Garden Published by Author.  $29.95   This is an historical account of the author’s ancestor, Leopold von der Borch’s life in Australia. The careful research and the delightful portrayal of life for the young Leopold in


Lois Murphy has written a compelling, haunting piece for her first novel. She captures the sense of isolation and remoteness of an Australian small town, where the fragility of community is threatened. Nebula (meaning vague or indistinct cloud or mist),

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. But I did!

  . “100 Nasty Women in History.” Hannah Jewell. Hodder & Stoughton, RRP: $ 29.95 Imagine. Nasty women; what fun!  Brilliant bitchery, scurrilous put-downs, tongue lashings.  Women can be good at nastiness, to hilarious effect, if cleverly done.  Well, the

Living in the 1960s . . .

Noeline Brown Published by the National Library of Australia. Rrp. $39.95   The sixties was a decade of safari suits, shift dresses, Capri pants and droopy moustaches. Of multipurpose French onion soup, junket, tripe and Bloody Marys. Of success on