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The Global Vegan

Hello! My name is Ellie. Some of you may know me from my plant-based recipe blog and Instagram account, Elsa’s Wholesome Life. I published my first book in 2017 and I am very excited to be back with even more

Maybe the horse will talk

Elliot Perlman Penguin Random House. Rrp $32.99 ‘I am absolutely terrified of losing a job I absolutely hate. This realisation came to Stephen Maserov when he woke suddenly at around 3.30 one Wednesday morning. He wondered whether any of the

A special recipe from a special friend (with help from Helga.)

Todd Alexander is an author and a friend who lives in the Hunter Valley with his partner Jeff where they run a boutique vineyard and accommodation business called Block Eight.  Todd recently visited the Manning Valley to promote his memoir,

One Last Wish

Rachael Johns Harper Collins Rrp. $32.95 Three women, three secrets, one life-changing journey. Alice has always been a trailblazer as a scientist, activist and mother. She knew her choices would involve sacrifices, but now, on the eve of her eightieth

“I’m a climate warrior. Here’s why I paddled and dragged my kayak through three continents”

Steve Posselt My journey reminds me of the fight for our climate – a hard slog with mental challenges that will be won by ordinary people Tough Is Not Enough seemed an apt title. When I was very young, playing

Introducing “The Last Paradise”

In the ashes of her marriage Grace escapes her troubles by taking a job with a luxury hotel hidden in a stunning, untouched oasis in the heart of tourist-crazed Bali. Here, in this last paradise, she gathers the strength to

A good place to start

A conversation with a charming, passionate, informed and intelligent woman friend, is hard to beat.  Talking with Patrice Newell is inspiring, depressing, challenging, informative, engaging. But above all educating. She doesn’t lecture, but shares knowledge from experience. And when we’re

Who’s minding the farm?

Patrice Newell, Penguin Random House, Australia 2019. Rrp $35 Who’s Minding the Farm? asks Patrice Newell, former journalist, now author and biodynamic farmer.  A self described ‘proud dirt farmer’, Patrice Newell considers there should be a Minister for Soil.  In

The last of the bushrangers: When the past got personal for Mike Munro

Kiera Lindsey When the producer of the Lawless TV series, called me about joining the Lawless team, I was not only thrilled to discover they were planning to open the cold cases of those infamous bushranger stories I had loved


Damon Gameau. Pan Macmillan. Rrp. $34.99 Damon Gameau attempts to present climate change more positively as something we can successfully confront and combat. Gameau graduated from the Drama School, National Institute of Dramatic Art (Sydney) with a degree in Performing

The Uninhabitable Earth.

David Wallace-Wells Penguin Random House $29.99 Reading David Wallace-Wells’ shocking “The Uninhabitable Earth”, should frighten anyone half to death and necessitate doubling his or her dose of anti-depressants.  David Wallace-Wells starts right off with “It is worse, much worse, than

A certain beautiful old age…

Admired and respected  Australian writer, Robert Dessaix dropped in to see us and said he is writing his next book and mentioned he’d like some suggestions from “readers of a certain age”! Robert explains here . . . . ‘The