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Beyond The Silver Screen

A History of Women, Film-making and Film Culture in Australia, 1920–1990. Melbourne University Press Mary Tomsic.  $51.95.   This work, published by the Melbourne University Press, is an academic study, presumably a thesis for a Phd, about women in the Australian film industry,

The Second Son

Diana von der Borch- Garden Published by Author.  $29.95   This is an historical account of the author’s ancestor, Leopold von der Borch’s life in Australia. The careful research and the delightful portrayal of life for the young Leopold in


Lois Murphy has written a compelling, haunting piece for her first novel. She captures the sense of isolation and remoteness of an Australian small town, where the fragility of community is threatened. Nebula (meaning vague or indistinct cloud or mist),

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. But I did!

  . “100 Nasty Women in History.” Hannah Jewell. Hodder & Stoughton, RRP: $ 29.95 Imagine. Nasty women; what fun!  Brilliant bitchery, scurrilous put-downs, tongue lashings.  Women can be good at nastiness, to hilarious effect, if cleverly done.  Well, the

Living in the 1960s . . .

Noeline Brown Published by the National Library of Australia. Rrp. $39.95   The sixties was a decade of safari suits, shift dresses, Capri pants and droopy moustaches. Of multipurpose French onion soup, junket, tripe and Bloody Marys. Of success on

Book Review – Atlantic Black

A.S. Padric. Publisher Transit Lounge   Professional reviewers of this book have said that this is a ‘brilliant and devastating novel….powerful and mesmerising”.  A review in the Saturday Paper said that, despite the lack of any plot, the book was

‘Game of Mates’ – How favours bleed the nation’

By Cameron K. Murray and Paul Frijters. Published by Authors As Ross Gittins says on the cover of this book, ‘This book will open your eyes to how Australia really works. It’s not good news, but you need to know it’. 

This Christmas, books are best

When my grandfather died, I asked for two of his possessions. Firstly, his beautiful old pipe that he had smoked far too often when he was younger. Secondly, his copy of Lord of the Rings.  Dog-eared and well-loved, it wasn’t

The Pleasure of Leisure

Robert Dessaix, Knopf. RRP $29.99 Christopher Robin likes to do ‘nothing’ best of all, Robert Dessaix reminds us.  Pooh asks him “How do you do Nothing”? and Christopher has a perplexing answer.  “Well,  when people call out at you just


Eliza Henry-Jones Published by Harper Collins 4th Estate.  RRP $29.99 What to do when you have left your place in the world, and land in a city which is so unfamiliar that you can’t settle? And, what to do when

Dark Emu Black Seeds: Agriculture or Accident

By Bruce Pascoe. Publisher: Magabala Books This is an amazing book and a revelation to read. When it was published, it won the 2016 NSW Premier’s Literary Award, NSW Premier’s Book of the Year, Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Indigenous

Anaesthesia – The gift of oblivion and the mystery of consciousness.

Kate Cole-Adams. Text Publishing. $32.99 Once, under anaesthetic for abdominal surgery, I realised that my doctor was leaning against the side cupboard, and he was having a conversation with someone else.  He said  “I’ve ordered more collagen to be sent