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Cancer Never Stops

CanAssist Manning Valley is now operating remotely to ensure that clients receive Financial Support during this unprecedented time. With the added stress of the increased cost of living, the drought, the bushfires/floods and now COVIOD-19 affecting local communities, applicant numbers are increasing and so is the financial burden on clients. CAMV has supported approximately 450 […]

Beyond the ValleyHealth


“Corona virus caused the economic downturn”. Did it? No. What caused the downturn was the reaction of governments around the globe, or at least those of First World economies and countries. Quite what Laos, Liberia, Chad, and Mali are doing about the virus doesn’t make it into the media, so no-one knows.  They have hardly […]



LOOKING GOOD FEELING EVEN BETTER Our skin is the largest organ in the body. It helps us by regulating temperature, protects us from harmful microbes and bacteria and promotes the sense of touch, and the feeling of being hot or cold.  But the skin does so much more than that. It is our self- esteem, […]



It’s that time of year when we are contemplating new year resolutions, changing our habits and trying to start afresh. Christmas and New Year celebrations can often send us off track from a regular healthy eating regime. Try not to despair, because there are some simple steps you can take that will help to improve […]



We are in the age where we want to live and feel younger. To get the most out of our skin and have the confidence and self-esteem to know that you are looking as good as you possibly can – To age in harmony.  But how far do we go? Many of us focus on […]


Help us, help Manning Hospital

We want to hear from you. In light of the current ongoing tragedy of the bushfires, many serious issues in our community have been exposed.  This includes the deficiencies of our downgraded, underfunded, struggling hospital. This natural disaster we’re experiencing has revealed the potential for another disaster … catastrophic outcomes for patients at Manning Rural […]


Don’t be afraid of bread!

The risks involved with eliminating core food groups when following current fad diets has led to deficiencies of essential nutrients and the onset of chronic diet-related disease. One, is the often ‘trendy’ low carb diet that reduces the intake of carbohydrate sources such as breads and cereals. This food group is often a valuable source […]


A doctor’s dream is good news for the Manning.

Dr Simon Holliday has opened a HealthHub in Taree. Here’s his story.  “40 years ago, I entered innovative Newcastle University Medical School. It was inspired by the World Health Organisation’s ideals of building a better medical workforce. The Medical School prioritised the art of communicating with patients and understanding each patient’s family and social context. […]


Reading between the lines…

The wrinkles on your face says a lot more about a person than you may think.  Just like unlocking a safe full of treasures from the past, your wrinkles or “lines of maturity” as my Dad says, offer a snapshot of who you are. Once you’re aware of what they mean you will never look […]



It Might Be The Only Way To Save It! A medico speaks. Times are getting desperate at the (now called) Manning Rural Referral Hospital. The title signifies its downgrading.  In a frustrated and wide ranging talk, a medical specialist from Manning Hospital came to us to share his frank frustrations at the state of Manning […]


Understanding skin care and make up

We are more educated than ever on what we put in our bodies, where products come from and are they sustainably sourced.  When it comes to make up and skin care products there is much discussion. Was it tested on animals, can some of the ingredients can cause cancer? Cosmetic chemists are always looking for […]


A welcome Boost to Medical Care in Our Area!

Simon and Helen Holliday send welcome news about the establishment of an enlarged and comprehensive new medical practice in Taree – “The HealthHub . . . for every body.”  They’re relocating from Albert Street Medical Centre to the Butterworth carpark bordered by Albert /Victoria /Pulteney and Manning Streets, Taree.  This is a positive and welcome […]