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Is This the Dumbest Deal EVER?

A Good Deal for the Developer it seems! Is the Forster Civic Precinct project, including the new library, the dumbest deal ever for the MidCoast Council? Riskier and more radical than even the Masters Office Centralisation Proposal?  Many in the

Transition to Retirement Pension Tax Trap

Prior to 1st July 2017, transition to retirement superannuation pensions commonly known as TTR pensions, did not attract tax on fund earnings. However, from July 1st 2017, the fund earnings were taxed at 15% in the same manner as accumulation

Money matters!

Just what is an Imputation Credit Potential Windfall? I was bemused coming into the last federal election, over claims that only 200,000 pensioners would be impacted throughout Australia if the cash refund of imputation credits was scrapped. To me, it just

Money Matters

Changes for Pensioner Income and Assets Test Means The announcement of a reduction in the deeming rate that is applied to certain investments, may also give a small lift in pension for those not on a full pension due to