KOALAS NOT OUT OF THE WOODS Is the Platypus next?

We start the decade on a grim note; so far over 8 to 10 million hectares devastated by fire and a billion animals killed. Many of the surviving now threatened species only have small amounts of habitat left. We’ve lost


A sudden shimmer of brilliant green in a dark sea of lost trees. Small green leaves unfurling; defiant, strong. Bringing Hope. Renewal. Life. We start again. Wiser, stronger, united.  Related PostsWhat low life has done this?


 – John Hewson It’s about Leadership, Stupid! You were elected to Lead Mr. Morrison. It was a “surprise” and great that you won against the polling, and that your marketing slogans cut through better than those of Shorten.  But they


Is this really, the crisis that we had to have? Whilst there is no denying that the drought and the recent outbreak of simultaneous bushfires spread across multiple regions around Australia is a direct result of Climate Change there are


There is a birthday coming up some may want to celebrate.  In February, Facebook turns sixteen. That’s the age of consent in many jurisdictions, but people have been consenting on Facebook for years.   And if you miss that birthday,

Why climate change is an irrelevance, economic growth is a myth… and sustainability is forty years too late

Kevin Casey. As someone who has been exploring the world’s most isolated wilderness regions for nearly half a century, I have some insight into the state of the planet and the human race’s current environmental befuddlement. I’ve watched the condition


When we evacuate for the second time to the Wingham showground, we are there for forty minutes before the cops turn up. ‘You need to move on,’ the coppa is saying in a calm and level voice to a medley


It’s that time of year when we are contemplating new year resolutions, changing our habits and trying to start afresh. Christmas and New Year celebrations can often send us off track from a regular healthy eating regime. Try not to

The Manning On Toast

Do you want to be able to speak to every person at a function with confidence or deliver that great speech at your child’s wedding? Are you the type of person that the researchers at Psychology world Today say would

Green umbrellas

It’s usually this time of year that most of what I read, see and hear is based around the summer season temperatures; its increasing looming presence and the heat that causes detriment to our flora and fauna nationwide. The heat

Three aunts and a baby

Great aunts, actually. Since Poppy arrived last June, we’ve inched a generation along the family tree. It’s yet to be decided whether we’ll earn our new moniker.  The call to arms came over a text: “Hello, Aunties, is anyone free

Koalas in Care inc.

KOALAS IN CARE INC is a non-profit organisation and a registered charity run by volunteers and has no paid employees. Licensed by the Office of Environment & Heritage, our operational area covers approximately 843 000 hectares across three Local Government