In case you missed it . . .

Blind Freddy could see the community was in an uproar over the moniker Barrington Coast. After widespread public outrage to the proposed destination name, ‘Barrington Coast’, manifested through thousands of posts across multiple Facebook sites; the rather unprecedented public poll

Cr. Len Roberts Assault Update:

Following our front page story on the upheaval at Karuah Land Council as the majority of members tried to oust self-appointed CEO, Cr Len Roberts…. Here is the background in case you missed it and the latest update…  At the

The 21st Century Scourge that is Manufactured Home Estates.

The residents of Tallwoods must think its Groundhog Day, once again!  Now for the second time in 12 months they have to relive the nightmare that is a new Development Application for a manufactured homes estate of 202 homes for

Hidden Power, Hidden Influence

Increasing influence and manipulation by some overseas countries is a very real danger to Australia and much of the free world. Our knowledge of this complicated world is a bit like an iceberg — we are only really conscious of

Just what is the future of Manning Base Hospital?

The Manning Base Hospital still struggles. Despite being used as a political football to make the pollies look good by token gestures to earn brownie points, it needs a positive plan for the future.  Some History The Manning Base Hospital

DON’T MISS! Taree Arts Council’s Production of Les Miserables at the Manning Entertainment Centre November 2018

Les Miserables will again be storming the barricades of the Manning Entertainment Centre in November after a 23 year absence. The legendary show which first opened in London in 1985 and has run continuously since then to full houses and

Director Bruce Beresford’s new Aussie film has a Wingham connection!

The new Australian movie, which has just opened to rave reviews, has a strong Wingham connection. Sue Milliken, one of the producers, who is also the co-writer, grew up at the (now sadly missed) Wingham Hotel, run by her parents,

The benefits of seaweed

The benefits of seaweed are quickly becoming one of the most popular ingredients in today’s cosmetics.  The ocean is a wealth of mineral substances and are concentrated in the cells of seaweed to produce a cocktail of elements to assist

The Single Ladies of Jacaranda Retirement Village

Joanna Nell  Hachette Australia RRP $29.99 A moving, funny, heartwarming tale of love and community. Peggy Smart, a widow of four years, with two caring(interfering) children, has been living at Jacaranda Retirement Village since her children persuaded her to sell


Naben Ruthnum. Text Publishing, Melbourne. RRP $19.99 For the reader who is hoping for new ideas about preparing wonderful new curry recipes, disappointment is around the corner!  It is true that there is one curry recipe, on pages 41/42, but

Antiques & Collectables

Collect the past, enjoy your finds and invest for your future. Another interesting month. We have spent much of our time preparing for our Antique and Collectables Auction. I spent ages taking things out of boxes, which I look at

Yummy Easy Quick

Matt Preston Published by PLUM  39.99 The World’s Best Rissoles I must admit this isn’t saying much! But, rissoles are back, baby. Good times. makes 12 prep: 20 mins cooking: 30 mins 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 small onion, fi