When the good fairy comes to town . . .

Councils in Australia were all about the Three Rs – roads, rates and rubbish. MidCoast Council was always about the roads. And the bridges!M It comes with the territory. . . and heck, we sure got a lot of ‘em!

Welcome our new GM!

The new General Manager of MidCoast Council, Mr Adrian Panuccio, starts work July 9. Is this a man who is a dreamer and an achiever? Who thinks and acts creatively and is consultative? Does he understand the depth of country

Her bright smile hides a heavy heart

We see her nightly on TV telling us the news . .  but NBN’s Natasha Beyersdorf . .  has her own fight . . . I don’t want to whinge. I don’t want to be angry anymore.  I’m worn down by

Imran is free!

Rohingya refugee, Imran Mohammad, who fled Burma and has suffered in detention for five years in PNG on Manus and Nauru, under Australia’s unconscionable detention laws, was one of the lucky ones in the group of exchange refugees, under President

Exploring the Deep South

Recently, we travelled to USA to attend a wedding. We only spent two weeks in the country, but we packed a lot into our time there. We landed at Dallas after 15 hours non-stop. My first impressions of Dallas were of

Visit Two Iconic Pearl Farms – Off Sydney and Broome . . . in one amazing trip!

Cygnet Bay Pearls is pleased to announce the inaugural ‘Australian Pearl Masterclass Voyage’, a new immersive experience, which tells the complete story of the Australian pearl, and what it takes to bring this extraordinary industry to life. This new immersive experience

John “Stinker” Clarke says snapper is our fishing fave….

What is it about snapper that makes everyone dream about catching one? For me, it’s the excitement of battling a real scrapper that performs equally as well in the kitchen. Beautifully coloured crimson, pink and opal blue, the snapper has


Essential Oils have been used for centuries to promote healing and relaxation and, as our knowledge increases, we create stronger and more potent forms of what was used so many years ago. Like the pyramids of Egypt, they have stood

The Large Intestine: THE GUT MICROBIOME

The large intestine is the final stage of the digestive tract before the gut’s contents and waste leave your body. There are many interesting functions of this tube-shaped organ. The large intestine extends from the small intestine down near your

The Bonnie Scottish Festival

The Bonnie Scottish Festival, now in its 14th year in our historic township of Wingham, is undoubtedly one of the marque events in the MidCoast Council region. Councillor Peter Epov caught up with our Federal Member and Assistant Minister for

When it comes to separation. Does anyone really get a fair deal?

We look at Family Law Property. When parties separate, the two main issues are: who cares for the children? how is the property divided? The Family Law Act 1975 is very specific in relation to what the Court can take

Rotary Notice

Little Blue Shed Empower me Fundraising dinner