IT’S WAR! MidCoast Council community rally to stop Masters acquisition

As the word is spreading that the proposed budget for the ex-GM’s mad Masters dream could match the Glasshouse fiasco (at least $40 million) troops are stirring at the idea. Because guess who’ll pay? A disastrous council attempt at community consultation

Councillor Len Roberts assault charges adjourned

The court Hearing of assault charges by Zac Schmierer against former Karuah Land Council Member,Cr Len Roberts, were part heard before Magistrate Caleb Franklin in the Raymond Terrace Court December 5, but the case has  been adjourned until mid December

The Masters’ site: the real costs

Mike Deignan It seems after eight MCC Council community sessions on Masters’ site issues, ratepayers are no wiser. I attended the final session which was to discuss financing strategy, other issues were addressed in the “gateway” process Council follows. The

Just for the record . . .

Councillor’s attendance at Council Meetings Attendance at Council Meetings 27/9/17 to 28/11/18     Council Meetings Strategic Meetings     Total     Bell 17   11 28     Christensen 17   10 27 *   Epov 20   11 31


At the 28 November MidCoast Council meeting Councillors had the opportunity to refer the highly controversial Master’s – Office Centralisation Project – to Council’s newly established independent Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee, to once and for all clear the air

Our women need support.

Leonie McGuire, who has worked so tirelessly for women affected by domestic violence, was last month awarded a prestigious Edna Ryan Award for 2018.    The EDNAs are awards for women who have made a feminist difference – the battlers and the

Master Site Development – Cost Summary

            Notes: Todays cost (i.e. net present value) of interest part of monthly payments on 20-year $7 million loan Monthly amounts are summed to get annual amount and then discounted (compound interest calculation) to get net

Stinker Launches another book

Stinker has many talents! He’s published four books and I was honoured to launch his latest children’s book – “The True Adventures of Clarabelle”. It’s a true story based on the 1955 floods when a cow was washed down the

Right outta Redfern

A suburb and its history through one woman’s eyes Kirsten Garrett Extract: Ronda is a Redfern identity, an icon, heart of gold and everyone’s friend. “It’s because I talk to everyone even the junkies and drunks,” she says. “They’re just


Being Held at Olympia Antiques, opposite Taree Railway Station 12- 15th December 10am – 4pm. Cash Only Items include . . . Coopers tools, iron moulders, carpet layer, a railway set, traps, cream separator, milk tester, leatherwork, nose pliers, saddler’s

Artists of Wallamba

Inspire ~ Create ~ Connect Artists of Wallamba began in July this year with just three members creating a Facebook group for local practising Artists, Artisans and Creatives.  The aim was to link artists who may not normally meet, providing opportunity

What keeps Australians awake at night

Many Australians are worried ! They may not look to be outwardly, but engage them privately and you will discover that people are disturbed by many things.  And most of us are more worried now than at any other time