Every family has its secrets . . . But it’s been a shock when no-one in the family ever knew that the quiet retired local butcher, Stan Roberts, (related to our editor) was a war hero. The first we knew

Leslie Allan Murray AO

With the passing of local legend, and internationally acclaimed poet, Les Murray, we ask, what fitting tribute could we give to establish some kind of local commemoration of him? With the passing of local legend, and internationally acclaimed poet, Les


This was the first headline used on the front page of the first edition of the Manning Community News. June 2015 There was concern for the future of Wingham, businesses struggling, a lack of imagination and progress. Hello? Here we

Help At Hand Here for New Mothers!

Meet Shelley McClure MidCoast “Mama to the mummas”! The common saying goes “It takes a village to raise a child” but I believe it also takes a village to support a Mother and family, especially in the early days, weeks

Pursuing a Movie Dream!

It takes a lot of guts, energy, money and faith to make your own feature film!  But MidCoast couple Graham and Chris Mansfield have done just that! Written, funded and produced a feature film, The Ghindaring.  The story takes place

Searching for a new look?

If it’s time for a change and you want something dramatic – try a new hair colour! Changing your hair colour is never an easy decision. Usually clients will be looking through a plethora of magazines to find that one

The secret society of Luderick hunters

In an annual procession, that has been happening for as long as I can recall, luderick (sometimes called Black Fish) and bream follow the mullet on their northern spawning run along the beaches and into the estuaries. Named “ground fish”


Pinch of Nom by Kate Allinson and Kay Featherstone is published by Bluebird, RRP$39.99 and is available in all good bookstores. This is a good winter warmer dish that combines the gentle heat of Cuban spices with tender beef, which

Antiques & Collectables

Collect the past and invest for your family’s future. Enjoy a great hobby that lasts a lifetime. Collecting brings you joy, knowledge and an understanding of how far our society has come and where we have come from. Thank you


Have you ever looked at your garden and felt that it wasn’t growing to its true potential? Perhaps your flowers are dying and you think you’ve either invested in dud plants or inherited the dreaded black thumb. Chances are it’s

From the Bunker

(Our serial so far …  Secret agent 001 has infiltrated Pearly Gates Dormitory Retreat and uncovered a hotbed of geriatric sedition. Last time, Chief sprung 001 from Pearly Gates only to throw him out of a speeding car.…) The spy who

Zero Tolerance for Commonsense Driving

As of 20 May 2019 all drink and drug driving offenders will immediately lose their licence and receive a hefty on-the-spot fine. Announced on 6 May 2019, NSW Roads Minister Andrew Constance has described it as a ‘zero-tolerance’ approach to