MidCoast budget blunder of, oops, $13 million

While the rest of the country was digesting Scott Morrison’s self-congratulatory Federal Government’s Budget, sparks were flying in Gloucester, as our dear MidCoast Council presented its fiscal budget for the year.   This so-called budget had been put up on

Wingham revisted… A year on

Oh dear, Winghamites are still wondering where the grant money of $50,000 went, that was meant to beautify the town.  Well, this was all explained in this newspaper in June 2017 so, if you haven’t noticed the planter boxes (now

Kiss the brush goodbye?

Following feedback from our concerned community over unauthorised plans by the self-appointed WAG (Wingham Advancement Group) to turn the iconic Wingham Brush Nature Reserve into a defacto congested camping ground, Mike Thomas, a representative of the National Parks and Wildlife

Above the land of the long white cloud

‘Spend 11 days exploring the South Island of New Zealand by vintage DC3 aircraft,’ was an invitation dropped in my mailbox from Bill Peach Journeys’. How to refuse? My dad always referred to these World War II aircraft as ‘Gooney

The Symbol of a Tree

To suddenly turn a corner and see the raw stumps of several trees, slashed by Council from the fence-line of a town parking lot, seems to symbolise the sad state of Taree township. A tree is shade, shelter, beauty, an environmental

Pure and Simple

Our nutritionist, Lydia Irving, interviews Heidi Falding, of Marrook Farm. Pure and simple, these are the words Heidi used to explain Marrook Farm’s ethos for yoghurt making. Made from the most pure of ingredients, and simply delicious, is how I

Understanding your Will

Know the basics before it’s too late What is mental capacity, and how do you know whether it has been lost? Sometimes you may be the person who has to decide whether another person has mental capacity to sign documents

Magic of the Mullet

Meet John “Stinker” Clarke, our piscatorial correspondent! In other words, our Favourite Fisher! Year after year, for as long as records have been kept, and long before, huge schools of mullet have travelled north along our coastline.  Spawning in the

Our nutritionist, Lydia Irving, introduces us to The Small Intestine

Here we are at the small intestine, in the Fourth instalment of my Guide to Good Digestion. Parts One, Two and Three of our journey down the digestive tract are available on my website, if you need to catch up

Calm winter blues

Have you been feeling stressed, low on energy, unwell? Just not quite yourself? We all seem to have a busy lifestyle, so we don’t have time to be sick or unwell. Most of us go straight to the chemist to

The glamour girls

The Camellia is the icon of winter, unrivalled for glamour;  it is the shining star of the sleepy winter garden. Camellia are largely known for their lush, evergreen foliage, array of colour and variety, and their stunning flowers. But I

Bees Wax Wraps

Bees Wax Wraps keep food fresh and saves using plastic! Related PostsSecondBite