The community calls out council… “WE’RE FED UP”

The “No Move to Masters” campaign has become a catalyst for the community to call a halt to what they see as MidCoast Council’s arrogance and waste of significant money on monstrous, unwanted projects. The brain snap of former GM


It had to happen. One of the stoic staff at Manning Hospital is finally speaking out about the struggle to maintain standards and provide patient care consistent with the current accepted standards and guidelines. . . against the odds! A Manning Hospital

Response to the community advertising campaign

About 30 minutes after the first two TV evening news stories ran regarding the NO MidCoast Council Move to MASTERS media campaign, MidCoast Council Mayor David West issued what he termed an ‘Open Letter’ to all Councillors and certain selected

We’d Like to Know too…

Councillor Peter Epov, backed by Councillors Kathryn Bell and Jan McWilliams, has sent the following to the General Manager, MidCoast Council – Cr Peter Epov submits the following ‘Questions on Notice’ for the MidCoast Council Meeting of 6 February 2018.

High Speed Rail – A vision for NOW!

Imagine having the opportunity to board a train at a station in Taree and one short hour later, arriving at Central Station in the heart of Sydney.  Remarkable? Transformational? Well this is what a High Speed Rail line from Melbourne

Hunting on a main thoroughfare?

The other morning I drove up to see the sunrise at Breakneck Lookout in Kiwarrak State Forest above Taree. And beautiful it was too, though the logging has left behind some devastation and it’s hard to spot any big old

Flying-Foxes are friends to the forest

FAWNA is perturbed about the sensationalist and alarmist take up in the media this week suggesting a spike in adverse human contact with flying-foxes.   This follows a recent alert from the Hunter New England Health that two of a number

How to survive a heart attack when alone.

We contacted Dr Seshasayee Narsimhan, General and Interventional Cardiologist at Manning Hospital, who  sent the following information – What to do when a heart attack occurs? Should you experience a heart attack – regardless of whether you’re alone or in

Thailand… honeymoon haven or handmaiden to Saudis? Thailand should return football player refugee to Australia, not Bahrain

Elaine Pearson Recently, with the world watching, Thailand did the right thing and took action to protect a vulnerable 18-year-old woman Saudi woman, Rahaf Alqunun, and stopped her forced return to Kuwait. She has been given refugee status by Canada. 

The Place I call Home!

A born and bred local ruminates on growing up in Taree and where the area is going today . . .  A child of the early 60’s I was born at the Manning Base Hospital, the middle child of four born

Imran Update

Some readers have asked how our friend Imran, the refuge from Manus who has been settled in to Chicago in the US, is faring. I received this note recently. Modestly, he doesn’t mention that he was a guest speaker at

A means to travel, learn and find a career!

Dana Villiotis There hasn’t been a time in my life when I didn’t have goals.  When I was in Kindergarten, I was determined to have the most gold stars on my chart. By the end of the year, you bet