In the jumbled storage area that used to be the nurses old quarters in Manning Rural Referral Hospital, Taree, a forgotten collection of twenty five murals has been re-discovered. They were painted by esteemed children’s artist and author, Pixie O’Harris.

At last! We have a Climate Change Policy and Plan

At the June 26, MidCoast Council Meeting held in Forster, Councillor Peter Epov successfully moved a Notice of Motion for Council to develop a Climate Change Policy and a Climate Change Action Plan on a vote of 8 to 1,

Our Press – Fragile and Not So Free

Our Prime Minister assures us that the AFP raids of last week had absolutely nothing to do with him. Well, of course not – he and his government are never responsible for anything.  As the economy staggers towards recession –

Is Wingham Withering Or A “Vibrant Community”?

An outsider’s view  Anyone who has read the in-depth articles about Wingham in the June issues of FOCUS magazine and The Manning Community News might be scratching their head in bewilderment because the articles are like night and day; one

Walking matters: We die from the feet up

To walk is human nature.  Anyone who can, does, even if it’s just from air-conditioning office to car to apartment, but how far or how fast is ideal for health? Our ancient ancestors peopled the globe walking or running every

Nutrition, Wellbeing and Menopause

Someone once said to me, “If only they had told me about the weight gain that can occur as a result of menopause, then I would have done something earlier”.  It becomes a battle for women, particularly between the ages

Money Matters

Changes for Pensioner Income and Assets Test Means The announcement of a reduction in the deeming rate that is applied to certain investments, may also give a small lift in pension for those not on a full pension due to


Damon Gameau. Pan Macmillan. Rrp. $34.99 Damon Gameau attempts to present climate change more positively as something we can successfully confront and combat. Gameau graduated from the Drama School, National Institute of Dramatic Art (Sydney) with a degree in Performing

The Uninhabitable Earth.

David Wallace-Wells Penguin Random House $29.99 Reading David Wallace-Wells’ shocking “The Uninhabitable Earth”, should frighten anyone half to death and necessitate doubling his or her dose of anti-depressants.  David Wallace-Wells starts right off with “It is worse, much worse, than

Protecting Pipis

Pipis are a wonderful natural resource which are underrated both as a seafood and a natural bait to catch bream and whiting. We are so fortunate to have local beaches which support a healthy population of the shellfish. Stockton Beach


We all probably know someone who has been through a divorce or property settlement.  You may have heard via the media that due to the back log, delays and costs associated with commencing any family law actions, a report was


The decline of the world’s bee population is sobering, not only as it’s part of an overall decline of pollinating insects, but because it has the potential to affect our food.  Bees are needed to pollinate many edible crops and