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Following my previous article about growing tomatoes I have been approached at the nursery on many occasions asking what else I know. I’m often asked if I have any top secret tips- something that will make fruit sweeter, produce bumper

New Year Gardening

January and February can be challenging months for gardeners. The effects of sunlight during the two hottest months of the year can be more severe in our lovely, pollution-free Manning Valley than it is in metropolitan areas. Rainfall can also

Spring gardening

by Lyn Bagnall Spring bulbs provide a lovely display in spring. A moderate application of complete organic fertiliser and regular watering in dry weather will help them perform at their best. Once flowering has finished, allow foliage to remain on the

June Gardening

Although few plants are suitable for sowing during June and July, there are plenty of things to do in the garden this month. It’s time to set up a support frame and sow broad beans. ‘Coles Dwarf’ and ‘Egyptian’ are