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Dubious anniversary looms

December 20, one year ago, MidCoast Council’s GM, Glenn Handford resigned in a shock, unexpected announcement  at the end of the Council meeting. He went out as he ruled, shoving through a self serving agenda ratepayers are left to endure.

THE PARTY’S OVER . . . now the battle begins . . .

So we have the first Midcoast Council and, while the angst and dust of the election settles, battle lines are being drawn, as our new representatives jockey for power and position. The old hands know that they are up against

Three families share – a home among the gum trees

On peaceful Mitchell’s Island a successful experiment in retirement living is showing a new way for baby boomers to reinvent their post working lives. It’s an experiment that has attracted attention around Australia and overseas where similar shared homes have

Take a leaf from beautiful Berlin

by Di Rayson, Wingham My husband and I have just returned from a nine day walk through Bavarian Germany, covering over 200km on the German leg of the ancient pilgrimage route to Santiago known as the Camino. What struck us