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As winter starts to settle into the garden, you might be thinking about putting on your slippers, not your gardening boots.  But your garden still needs lots of love during the quieter months, and this season is the perfect time


First it was the panic buying of toilet paper, then staples like rice, eggs and meat; now it’s spread to the nursery industry as demand for edible plants and seeds increases drastically due to coronavirus. In the time our family

How to deal with post-fire weeds

The devastating fires this season have had a massive effect across our own area, people, communities, and well beyond. I’ve written this article for those who may be struggling with the impact of post-fire weed growth. Now’s the time to

Green Umbrellas Part ii

Following my last article regarding the positive impacts of trees on our seemingly increasing hot summers this one is designed to give an insight into a few specific species that I perceive as performing well in our area.  I’ve shortlisted

Green umbrellas

It’s usually this time of year that most of what I read, see and hear is based around the summer season temperatures; its increasing looming presence and the heat that causes detriment to our flora and fauna nationwide. The heat


Traditional Christmas plants are those that stand out during winter. This may surprise but it reflects the timing of the celebration of Christmas in mid-winter in the northern hemisphere.  Evergreens such as mistletoe, holly (which has red berries in winter),

GARDENING 101: Top indoor plants for the new #Plantparent

Indoor plants are trendy. They are the must-have house ornament of 2019, with hashtags, groups and communities around plant parenthood setting social media ablaze.  But, unlike industrial lights, leaf-motif wallpaper and anything copper, plants are a decorative item that you

Getting kids excited about vegies

I have many fond memories from when I was a child of being out in the garden with my parents and grandparents playing and learning about where food on the dinner table came from (as I’m sure many readers might

Caring for your garden through the dry

Well, there’s still not much rain about, and it seems there’s not a lot forecast for the foreseeable future.  It’s becoming increasingly worrying; especially as we move into the warmer months. At the nursery we have had many customers losing


The decline of the world’s bee population is sobering, not only as it’s part of an overall decline of pollinating insects, but because it has the potential to affect our food.  Bees are needed to pollinate many edible crops and


Have you ever looked at your garden and felt that it wasn’t growing to its true potential? Perhaps your flowers are dying and you think you’ve either invested in dud plants or inherited the dreaded black thumb. Chances are it’s

Horticulturally Speaking

Would you like to have a collection of different cliveas and some rare plants you’ve bought to ‘show off’ to your visitors?  Some people may like to create a spiritual feel to their garden with Zen philosophy using Aussie native