Within living memory, no event has forced change on human behaviour quite like the coronavirus.  World travellers have had their wings clipped. All that is left from carefree holiday travels are old photos from a previous era. Before the turmoil began 18 months ago, the promise of a trip overseas at least every year was […]

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How I fell for a career in Persian Carpets

I asked my wife about doing a piece for the Manning Community News – ‘Where do I start?’  She suggested the stories of my search for business in Herat, Western Afghanistan when I was young and inexperienced. So  . . . It was a time of relative peace before the USSR and USA fought over […]

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I’m writing this from the Bungles … Purnululu National Park in the East Kimberley. The Bungles is a bit like an adjoining township to both Kununurra and Halls Creek but these days, of course, is a World Heritage area and is much more “known” than good old “Kuners” or Halls Creek. Hall’s Creek, sometimes called […]

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Planet over profit?

International air travel has never been such good value as now and aircraft are more comfortable, quieter and better in almost every way.  All good news for travellers. Hmmm!! Maybe.  But the next time you are celebrating those cheap flights you’ve secured by clever timing, take the time to consider  this:  is there a hidden […]


TRAVEL . . . magical Spain!

Nothing prepared me for the moment. I stepped into the sunlight at the top of the steps of the Barcelona Metro and looked up, even as others surged past.  Disappearing into the sun’s blaze were the ornate spires of the basilica called La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona’s jewel, architecture’s altar piece and, since 2005, a UNESCO world […]


Above the land of the long white cloud

‘Spend 11 days exploring the South Island of New Zealand by vintage DC3 aircraft,’ was an invitation dropped in my mailbox from Bill Peach Journeys’. How to refuse? My dad always referred to these World War II aircraft as ‘Gooney Birds,’ and talked about them in such glowing terms, so how could I resist the […]


Surviving the Women’s Adventure Summit!

I have just attended the first ‘Women’s Adventure Summit’, organised by two local women, Amy Heague and KerryAnn Hayes, who started an adventure magazine, ‘Travel Play Live’.    Going against the online trend, they turned their business into a print magazine, and haven’t looked back. Suitable for women of all fitness levels, who want to […]

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Gold Fever!

Tinonee residents, Chris and Graham Gibbons are keen travelers on a mission.  Here Chris tells of gold detecting at Forsayth in outback Queensland.     We have just returned from two months at Forsayth in Queensland, where we have been going for the last seven years, getting away from the winter and doing some detecting […]


Yes! To my backyard

Rural land holders are discovering sharing their piece of paradise with city folk can be a win-win!  An enterprising NSW South coast landholder and author has started a great idea facilitating country camping for city dwellers called You Camp. For landholders willing to have visitors camp overnight or a designated period on their land, it […]

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Understanding China

Those who are concerned about the rise and influence of China need to understand that the Chinese are only doing what we have allowed them to do over the past 25 years! To fully understand China one also needs consider that the Chinese have lived and survived, and continue to do so, in mass density […]


Welcome to Wingham!

Ron Sky has travelled Australia and, over the years, has perfected camping and caravaning. So he is the perfect host to welcome overnight campers to Wingham’s Riverside Reserve free camp site. As a keen member of the Wingham Advancement Group, Ron instigated the idea of setting up the free camping ground by the Brush and […]