“Dis ‘n Dat” is 2BOB Taree’s radio’s program appealing to anyone with a disability, physical, mental or  emotional. It is produced and presented by wheelchair user Matt Earley.

Matt is employed by 2BOB thanks to funding from the Community Broadcasting Foundation in a special program designed to reach out to those living with a disability.

Local man Matt, 36, was born with spina bifida which has meant a life in the chair. Matt doesn’t let this hold him back though, he’s a high achiever, a qualified audio engineer but didn’t stop there and he went on to do a  diploma in Event Management on the Gold Coast and a Batchelor of Communications through the Open University so he’s ready for anything life throws up.

Matt’s passion from a young age has been music. He took up the guitar at six and over the years has taught himself  to play several other instruments. He writes, sings and records his own music in his home studio. He puts his radio program together there too.

Matt attended Old Bar Primary before graduating from Taree High in 2002. He played wheelchair tennis  and wheelchair basketball as a kid . His biggest hero is Kurt Fearnley now a TV spresenter, and also Dylan Alcott, Olympic wheelchair tennis and basketball champ and successful radio broadcaster.

Matt made the big  big move from home after highschool to further his education.

Since Matt has come back to live in the Taree area he was determined to get fit and has been going to the gym three days a week and doing the Taree Parkrun on Saturday mornings. He’s the man to beat, though Parkrun is not competative. 

One of Matt’s ambitions is to help other people with disabilities through organising Group Personal Training.

Matt includes disabled guests on “Dis ‘n Dat”who are from major disability support providers like Mid Coast Assist, Life Without Barriers and Valley Industries.

He encourages anyone with a disability to reach out to him at 2BOB on 65526200 or email 

It can just be to request some favourite music or even to talk to Matt on air. He can do a phone  chat with you. He really would like to help build a more inclusive society in all aspects of life, be it schooling, work or in relationships. Give him a call.

Andy Colvin

Dis n Dat – 2BOB’s Disability Advocasy and Inclusion Program

Mondays 12 till 2pm on FM 104.7

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