The inquiry into Aged Care muddles along. But for anyone anywhere in Australia who has a loved one in care… clouds and complaints still hover.

Sadly, it took a pandemic and many lonely and unnecessary deaths to shine a small beam of light into some very dark rooms.

It is notable that the generation most affected come from stoic stock, rarely complaining, simply putting up with things. However, hurt and angry voices from relatives have been raised, although many are left wondering who in the government is truly listening and what will they do anyway?

There are cases involving allegations of neglect, greed, mismanagement and exposing a disturbing lack of staff.  Some claims seem serious enough to warrant criminal investigation. 

In one case it is alleged a hospital refused to take in an elderly patient who suffered medical events requiring frequent admission, forcing the man into an Aged Care home against his and his family’s wishes. The gentleman, it’s claimed, died in questionable circumstances a bit over a month later.  

Of course, there are some very good Aged Care facilities, where the philosophy is the workers are in the home of the residents who are treated with respect.  

There is an investigation underway, which might be timely, given in February a NSW Parliamentary Committee will begin its official inquiry into the shortcomings of our rural health services.

If you have any information about an Aged Care Facility in the area, please send a confidential letter to this newspaper, and we can pass on your concerns. 

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