At last! A newspaper that doesn’t underestimate our intelligence!” Catherine, Darawank.

About time someone told us what’s really going on!” Darren, Tinonee.

… The Manning deserves the passion and commitment you bring to the recognition and preservation of its beauty and its history …” Murray Gleeson.

Now, more than ever, communities like the Manning need independent papers like yours to help liven debate and forge positive futures. Long may you publish.” Robert, Nabiac.

Thank you for the breath of fresh air in this new publication. It is heartening to read an honest and encouraging approach to improving the profile of our wonderful location.” Louise, Caparra.

“Congratulations. A refreshing change from dumbed down, pappy articles! I will be a regular reader.” Frances, Marlee


  • Hello koala editor, I live at 1434 Willina Rd Bunyah, where koalas at times cross over the road to 1431.Back when councils were separate councils I asked Great Lakes Council to put up koala signs for the motorists but they didn’t. Strangely enough it’s not far away that the roads become part of Taree Council, and here we see plenty of koala warning signs.In reality we get some fast driven cars at times especially long weekends and xmas holidays,our koalas are threatened.Perhaps you may be able to influence council to protect Willina Rds koalas. thanks, Jon

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