This is not good enough . . .

  Don’t have a heart attack or serious health event in the Manning… the prognosis is Not Good! In a shocking survey, looking back over the past few years, statistics show that the outcomes for patients in the Manning suffering  serious medical issues,  such as  heart attacks, are the second worse in NSW. While there […]

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Pulse of the Future

Sagadevan Mundree is a professor at the Queensland University of Technology—Saga to his friends. He came to Australia from South Africa but his family is of Indian origin. And he’s leading a revolution. A revolution in agriculture. And it could transform the tropics—and don’t forget that 38 per cent of Australia is tropical. In the […]


Your friends in your gut . . .

Feed and look after them so they can look after you! Farmers know that animals like cows and sheep require microorganisms (microflora) to live in their guts in order not to starve. Only recently, however, have we realised that the bugs that live on and in us are also important for our health. Perhaps it […]


Leading a Brain-healthy Lifestyle!

  Dr Jacinta Guthridge, from Taree Aged Care Services, servicing the Lower Mid North Coast Sector has some practical and positive advice. ‘Some things to reduce your chances of being diagnosed with dementia include; a good healthy diet, not smoking, not drinking too much, being social, being physically active and doing cognitively stimulating activities. If […]

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Behind Closed Doors . . .

  Dementia . . . the secret dread of ageing. But it’s not all bad news . . .  Gary Thomas, Regional Manager Alzheimers Australia North Coast NSW,  and Dr Jacinta Guthridge, Geriatrician, based at Taree Aged Care Services servicing the Lower Mid North Coast Sector (South to Hawks Nest, North to Moorland/Harrington, West to […]