Understanding skin care and make up

We are more educated than ever on what we put in our bodies, where products come from and are they sustainably sourced.  When it comes to make up and skin care products there is much discussion. Was it tested on animals, can some of the ingredients can cause cancer? Cosmetic chemists are always looking for […]


A welcome Boost to Medical Care in Our Area!

Simon and Helen Holliday send welcome news about the establishment of an enlarged and comprehensive new medical practice in Taree – “The HealthHub . . . for every body.”  They’re relocating from Albert Street Medical Centre to the Butterworth carpark bordered by Albert /Victoria /Pulteney and Manning Streets, Taree.  This is a positive and welcome […]


Skin Care For Teenagers

Having problematic skin in your teenage years can be one of the most significant causes of depression, anxiety and even fear of going out in public. Not only do they have to deal with the tidal wave of hormones but the saturation in social media of people with perfect skin can leave our children with […]


Walking matters: We die from the feet up

To walk is human nature.  Anyone who can, does, even if it’s just from air-conditioning office to car to apartment, but how far or how fast is ideal for health? Our ancient ancestors peopled the globe walking or running every step, from out of Africa. I can imagine some stopping along the way if they […]


Nutrition, Wellbeing and Menopause

Someone once said to me, “If only they had told me about the weight gain that can occur as a result of menopause, then I would have done something earlier”.  It becomes a battle for women, particularly between the ages of 45 and 55 when they unwillingly ‘climb’ through the symptoms of menopause. As a […]


Mind Body Soul – The Benefits Of Crystals

Dating back to as early as the stone age, crystals have been used for many purposes including to promote healing, ease the busy mind, even bring wealth into the home.  What is it about crystals that has kept us fascinated for centuries? Crystals are the DNA of the earth,  formed millions of years ago. A […]


Help At Hand Here for New Mothers!

Meet Shelley McClure MidCoast “Mama to the mummas”! The common saying goes “It takes a village to raise a child” but I believe it also takes a village to support a Mother and family, especially in the early days, weeks and months after birth. Support the Mother and the child will thrive. The postpartum period, […]


Searching for a new look?

If it’s time for a change and you want something dramatic – try a new hair colour! Changing your hair colour is never an easy decision. Usually clients will be looking through a plethora of magazines to find that one look that you think will suit you. Once you have found the look your after, […]


Our Cardiologist’s plea to the Candidates for Manning Hospital

WHAT WE ALREADY HAVE: ICU with nurses and ICU specialists. Some of the nurses and all of the ICU specialists have previously worked at the Mayo Cardiac Cath Lab. This is good as some of the nursing staff are already trained and can help provide training to the others. Transthoracic echo and Transesophageal echo services. […]


The truth on chemical peels

Are you struggling with tired aged looking skin with too many wrinkles? As we try to appear as youthful as possible, we look to services that can help us look younger.  One of the services that stands out, for not only being an effective way to look and feel younger, but can turn back the […]


How to have the sun kissed look without the burn

It has been one of the hottest summers on record and with temperatures clearing the 35 degree mark  the chance  to have a healthy sun kissed glow becomes more and more remote.  Any time spent out in the sun without broad 50+ sunscreen can result in a burn and it only takes minutes to damage […]



It had to happen. One of the stoic staff at Manning Hospital is finally speaking out about the struggle to maintain standards and provide patient care consistent with the current accepted standards and guidelines. . . against the odds! A Manning Hospital nurse, let’s call her Miss M, is deeply concerned at the pressure and lack of […]