It’s Waterlily Season

All you need is water, obviously 

Did you know that they are actually an aquatic herb?

Waterlilies  are native to Egypt and South America. The blue flowered water lily symbolises the very creation of the Egyptian Gods. 

Waterlilies need to be rooted in the mud below, where they overwinter and regrow the following year. 

The leaves of water lilies play an important role in the aquatic ecosystem. 

Their leaves create shade and lower water temperatures which prevents algae blooms which thrive in warmer waters. They also shelter fish from heat and predictors. 

In Buddhism and Hinduism they symbolise resurrection because the flowers close up at night and reopen the next day, similar to spiritual rebirth. 

Claude Monet often used waterlilies as the subject of his works. He painted more than 250 pieces featuring them. 

Many waterlilies are fragrant and their large leaves are often a haven for frogs or dragon flies, while their pollen is favoured by both European and native bees. 

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And you don’t necessarily need a pond, a deep water bowl or a deep ceramic pot with the drain holes sealed will also work and make it possible to grow them on your patio. Just make sure it gets plenty of sun. 

How to grow them:

  • Get Some cow manure, hessian and an 8” pot and a good quantity of medium sized pebbles. 
  • Line your pot with hessian, bringing it up towards the top edge. 
  • Load a couple of large pebbles into the bottom for weight. 
  • Fill your pot with cow manure, soak it well. 
  • Plant your waterlily into this, fold the hessian towards the centre around the base of the plant. Trim off any excess hessian and pack a good layer of pebbles around the top. 
  • Immerse in a tub of water till all air bubbles dissipate. 

Now You’re good to go. 

Lower your pot into your pond, ensuring that the leaves will float on the water.

Now wait for your beautiful flowers to appear. Enjoy!

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