Brushy Cutting, the lookout at The Bight is a popular scenic spot for visitors to the Manning. 

Not everyone seems too thrilled with the plans to “beautify” Wingham!

Most concern is for the heart of the town – the Village Green, to use it’s formal original name rather than the common Central Park.

Locals don’t want the green screen around the park wall ripped out and replaced with a brick wall with a level as seating.

Parking is a worry if shopkeepers still use the main street which will have 40 less places due to the ( welcome) arrival of trees down its length.

The state of the roads in town and around is an ongoing issue of money wasted, work half done and the sense Council road workers don’t know what they’re doing and so it’s endless patching up and we keep footing the bill.

Maintenance of verges and public areas is considered slow and slack.

The biggest issue and concern is to keep and enhance Wingham’s heritage look, feel and atmosphere.    Have your say!

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