Dear Editor,

I’d like to share a big pat on the back to FOODWORKS Hallidays Point!

During this bleak time of Covid-19, Colin and his crew have been a solid ray of sunshine: from the start they firmly organised us into the sensible spacing and hand-sanitising routines, when some supplies were short for awhile they made sure they kept us afloat with sensible sharing and it was all done with the usual, happy co-operation they always show.

Foodworks is a great asset to us in this area, an ideal supermarket for us plus isn’t it good to see our local school-goers earning themselves a few dollars on a weekend and at odd hours.  These young folk all have the cheerful, helpful attitude of the regular crew – someone chooses very well!

No, we are no way connected to Colin or any of his crew but simply residents who like and appreciate what we have here.



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