The popular health, fruit and veg shop in Wingham has a new lease on life following the retirement of Don and Judy Grant.

Meet Mel and Cee.

Mel Hilton and Cee Donehue were both regular fixtures working in Grantys with previous owners Don and Judy but when the opportunity arose they decided to purchase the business together, firstly to keep their jobs and also so the town didn’t lose another local business.

Mel worked Childcare and then ran a business in Taree and  five years ago began working at Granty’s Fruit and Veg. 

Cee arrived in Wingham 25 years ago. She managed the Bogas Service Station, but after retiring walked into Granty’s to buy some mushrooms, was offered a job and has been a fixture for the past 12 years. 

They are both have a strong commitment to customer service and supporting the local community.

‘We make a point to source local produce where we can and we have deliveries three days a week, so produce is seasonal and super fresh,’ said Mel.

Grantys also have specialty grocery items, including gluten free pasta and a range of organic  products. 

And in this constrained time, they also offer local home delivery when needed, often in conjunction with the butcher and newsagent. And they belong to Council’s Shop Midcoast gift card program.

Find them on Facebook at Granty’s Fruit and Vege Wingham 

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