There are few beauty treatments that offer a greater impact on how you look other than the eye lashes. 

They can complement whatever you are wearing to give definition to your eyes giving the appearance of bigger brighter eyes. From the Mardi Gras to the biggest red-carpet event let’s get the most from your lashes.

Looking Back

False eyelashes date back to the early 1900’s in France where wig makers with a needle and thread would actually sew human hair onto the eyelashes. It is no wonder that this practice never really became widespread. However, it wasn’t until 1911 till that the first strip lashes were patented where they attached hairs to a small piece of fabric which was then glued to the upper lash.  These lashes were popular in movies of the time until the 1930’s, and a Vogue magazine showed two models with golden lashes. This was when people realised that lashes can be used not only to accentuate someone’s natural beauty but to add drama to any look.

Strip Lashes

Nowadays, there are many varieties of lashes that can be used every day to enhance a look.   Strip lashes are still the most elaborate with their designs from classic to feathers to peacock and everything in between. The brand we recommend is Smiink lashes which have always provided an exceptional quality lash that is reusable; simply apply foundation and eyeliner then you lash. Lashes are usually peeled off their container then placed near the eye so they can be cut to the correct size of your eye. Once comfortable and it the correct size it is recommended that you perform a patch test of the glue to ensure that there is no chemical reaction to the rubber or latex. This is done by placing a small amount of glue behind the ear or on the back of the hand. Once comfortable that there is no reaction, apply a thin line of glue down the spine of the lash. Using a lash tool, tweezer the lash together and place on the top of the natural eyelash and hold for about 15-30 seconds until the glue becomes tacky and then the lash will stay in position. These lashes can be worn up to 24 hours and are not designed to be slept in or to have a shower. Great lashes for an event or formal. Be careful not to pull out your own lashes when removing.

Eye Lash Extensions

For people who are after a more permanent look then eye lash extensions may be for you. Made from mink, silk, synthetic, human or even horsehair, eye lash extension can be very addictive once you start. Normally the process takes about 90 minutes and involves doing the same patch test to ensure that the glue does not react to the skin. Looking at the face shape and the look the client is after we then design the lashes. The lashes are individually placed on the natural lash. They come in different sizes and different shapes and a popular design is to use three different sizes 9mm, 11mm, and 13mm. The 9mm will be placed on the inner side of the face (near the nose) and the bulk of the lash would be made up of the 11mm lash and finally to add width I would use a 13mm lash. I like to use a C or a J curl. The client lays down on the massage table and I place the pads on the lower eye lash to keep the top eye lash exposed. Once I’m prepared with my design and the client is comfortable with our selections, I get my tweezers, my glue and cold stone out of the fridge and I ensure that the glue is thoroughly shaken. I place a few drops on the stone and with one hand expose a single lash and with the other pick up a lash place in the glue and then pace on the singly lash. After I do about 5 or 6 lashes, I use little puffer to help reduce the fumes and set the lash. 

This process relies on there being a healthy set of straight lashes to get the best outcome. It is suggested that you should avoid steam and don’t get them wet for 24 hours then it is advisable to get them wet. The lashes will slowly drop out over time and most clients will have an infill about every two weeks to maintain their look. These lashes are quite popular however they are not a permanent option to maintaining a beautiful look as over time the natural lashes that the extensions are glued to can fall out which can cause a thinning of the natural lashes.

Eye Envy

For clients that want beautiful lashes all the time then the best recommendation that I can make is a product called Eye Envy. Only available through selected salons, Eye Envy is a serum that is applied to the lash that will help thicken and grow the natural lash. I have included the photos where our beautiful Cheree has applied the product on one eye but not the other to see if it works you can see for yourself the results. For my clients that are after beautiful lashes they usually go for eye lash extensions for about 6 months of the year and then give their eye lashes a break and use Eye Envy. The only factor to consider with Eye Envy is that it comes with a used by date and at $120 per bottle it is not the sort of thing that you want to run out of date.


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