Out of Business because of NBN

The life of a business is today built around technology and its availability. There is no piece of technology more important to business than the telephone and without it your business can just stop! The commitment by technology companies, such as Telstra/Optus, to business is fine in advertising the internet and any other media available. “Ours is always the best with the […]


More Than a Business

Belinda Messer had always wanted to run her own business but, sadly, it wasn’t til her mother died and left her a little bit of money, that she was able to create a place ‘that my mother would have loved’. ‘I thought about it for over 12 months, wanting something Wingham didn’t have, and this is what I came up […]


Why Start a Newspaper Now?

From Publisher and Editor Di Morrissey In these days of declining print media, to edit and publish a print, as well as digital, edition of a community newspaper, seems a risky, even silly, idea. There was no business plan, no market research, no consultation with anyone. It seemed the right thing to do. It’s rather how I’ve lived my life – just do it! A […]


Are we going to the dogs?

A centre for greyhound racing and gambling… a supermarket Service Station on a heritage site…is this the look we want for our area? Whether one chooses to live in a particular area because of the lifestyle, attractiveness, affordability, business opportunities, it’s a better place to retire or bring up children, or else you’re here because […]


And peace and goodwill to all…

Does it seem to you, that perhaps more than ever before, the thoughts and wishes for the festive season and for the New Year, have taken on a new and complex ring? It seems at times our world has gone mad. Life and events are not as we know them or expect them to be; […]


Memo to Malcolm . . .

  Dear Prime Minister, It is gratifying to have a Prime Minister who doesn’t make us feel embarrassed. It is heartening to hear you speak with optimisim and that you encourage us to be positive and to grasp and embrace the future. But as you stride confidently forward with gracious smiles and articulate speeches, may […]


School saga sorry story

      When news that Crowdy Head Public School had closed last December, it became a small jewel eyed by many. Now it is neglected, it’s future unclear, buried in government red tape. And may remain so for many years to come. ‘The school was closed due to lack of numbers but it was […]


Book review: My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante

My Brilliant Friend is the first book in Elena Ferrante’s widely lauded Neapolitan Novels series. Set in a poor but industrious neighbourhood on the outskirts of Naples, it tells the story of Elena and Lila, and the complex but intimate friendship that develops between them as they struggle to forge their own identities. Lila is one […]


Milk memories and marketing

For some it’s a childhood memory of the milk being delivered around our district from the old Wingham butter factory by horse and cart in the wee hours. Freshly poured into a clean billycan or jug left on the front verandah, mailbox or front step, the obedient horse clopping and stopping undirected at each gate, […]