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The sole cyclist pedalling in the distance was singing an unfamiliar tune, over and over, mantra-like. As he got closer and then went past, the lyrics became clearer. ‘Hey, Hey coronavirus-stay away from me’. As he wafted into the distance, I had to wonder whether this came from a place of fear, or was it […]


Technology in beauty treatments

Are you struggling with problematic skin? Acne, Rosacea, or even skin aging? What can beauty services offer without the  invasion of surgery, the price tag of a new car or the pain and discomfort that comes with some of the more provocative services out in the marketplace today? Like selecting the right shoe for right […]


Time will not wait

Perhaps we all should pause at regular intervals, and take the time to reflect on our world.  For now, more than any other time in our lives, we need to consider the human impact on this  planet we call home and the supremely complex web of natural systems which have evolved over aeons, that sustain […]


One Story . . .

This is a personal account of just one Rohingya girl . . . tragically, there so many many more caught in the same cycle having fled Myanmar.   Hundreds of thousands of stateless Rohingya families crossed the Naf River into Bangladesh, escaping from Myanmar with hope of a life that was free from fear, trauma, […]


Shade in Summer Part two

So, I thought I’d use this opportunity to showcase some species that perform best in the Manning Valley and, ideally, aid in narrowing choices to find the perfect tree for your space. These are some of my favourites that are particularly stunning in summer, bringing a splash of colour into the garden in a time […]


The State of the Nation Starts in Your Street

Psychologist, sociologist, social researcher, writer, former teacher  and all round lovely man, Hugh Mackay AO speaks from the heart. This is the Gandhi Oration he presented at the University of NSW at the end of January.  “I wonder what Gandhi would have made of Australia in 2017 – a place that many people who live […]


Meanwhile . . . our women are dying

This year has seen a 40 percent spike in NSW over the last year of women dying at the hands of their partners and ex partners. 77 percent of women calling refuges in NSW find them full. (Survey done by the Women’s Coalition in Sydney.) Temporary accommodation is less than perfect. Since 2014, the NSW […]


Secret creature in our gardens!

Living in our backyards, in our oceans, our puddles, and on our garden lettuce are beguiling creatures known as water bears, or, more unflatteringly, “Moss pigs”. Their scientific name is tardigrades, which means slow moving, and there are about 1000 known species of this tiny animal, first discovered in l773. Astonishingly, water bears can survive boiling, drying, freezing and radiation- but they’re not keen on […]


“Surrender, a journal for my daugher” – Book review

SURRENDER, A JOURNAL FOR MY DAUGHTER Joshua Yeldham, Picador,  rrp $49.99 Surprisingly, for a book of marvellous images, by an artist in mid career, this book is difficult to review.  It’s beautiful to look at.  It’s overwhelming. There’s so much there – drawings, photographs, paintings, poetry, small prose, longer pieces, references to films made, journeys […]


Out of Business because of NBN

The life of a business is today built around technology and its availability. There is no piece of technology more important to business than the telephone and without it your business can just stop! The commitment by technology companies, such as Telstra/Optus, to business is fine in advertising the internet and any other media available. “Ours is always the best with the […]