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Extinction Rebellion Mid North Coast…Who We Are.

Chris Sheed OAM If you hadn’t heard of Extinction Rebellion a few weeks ago, chances are that you have by now.  Extinction Rebellion (often abbreviated to XR) has almost become a household phrase following the intense media coverage of the November “Spring Rebellion” by XR participants in cities around the world, including here in Australia.  […]


Council Finances – Still a Mess!

Last month we wondered if MidCoast Council had made “ . . . The Dumbest Deal EVER?” We revealed some of the key financial provisions relating to the project entitled ‘The Forster Civic Precinct’, which is not really a ‘Civic Precinct’  but a library within a high rise commercial property development, which will accommodate a small service centre (as […]

Beyond the ValleyPolitics

All the way…

Even as Donald Trump announced he would cut and run from Syria, leaving his Kurdish allies to whatever bloody fate awaits them and opening a door for the resurgence of ISIS, our fearless Prime Minister was not ready to breathe a word of criticism of his friend, ally and protector.  To the contrary, in fact: […]

Beyond the ValleyPolitics


Not only Donald Trump in the USA and Boris Johnson in the UK struggling to bluff and bluster their way out of their self-inflicted problems, but even the previously untouchable Canadian Justin Trudeau was embroiled in decades old controversies over black face pranks.  It was left to the Antipodes to hold the line, which New […]


It’s local government that affects our lives!

‘The role of local government is absolutely fundamental. Federal and state governments are obviously important, but most of the decisions that affect the day to day lives of Australians are made at the local level.’ Professor Brian Burdekin AO. One never knows who is living around the corner in our electorate.   So it was a […]



Talk about digging your own grave! Boy, did MidCoast Council get it horribly wrong! We were first contacted by a visitor from Sydney, who  came to visit their relative buried in the Bight Cemetery, and was first to see the start of the devastation of the gravestones.   I rang Mr Paul  De Szell MidCoast […]


Masters Petition Debated In Parliament. . . To No Avail

The Masters Petition containing over 11,000 signatures opposing the proposed centralisation of MidCoast Council’s operations to the Masters warehouse in Taree costing over $47 Million was discussed in the NSW Legislative Assembly on 8th August. Sponsored by the No MidCoast Council Move to Masters Group, signatures were collected primarily from two locations by a handful […]


Mungo’s musings

Scott Morrison is not too keen on history When it comes to politics – or at least the politics of the Liberal Party, which to him is all that matters – history began with his election as Prime Minister. Everything that happened before then, and especially in the three years before then, is utterly irrelevant […]

Beyond the ValleyPolitics

Our Press – Fragile and Not So Free

Our Prime Minister assures us that the AFP raids of last week had absolutely nothing to do with him. Well, of course not – he and his government are never responsible for anything.  As the economy staggers towards recession – tanking growth, moribund wages, rising unemployment and massive under employment, consumer  spending falling away, national […]

Beyond the ValleyPolitics


A breakdown of who won and who lost.  NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, won an historic victory, against significant odds to become the first sitting female Premier to lead a political party to be re-elected to Government in NSW. For the moment, let’s put aside her destruction of Sydney and its heritage buildings, trees, and space, […]


Independent Candidate Jeremy Miller . . .

A strong local member, focussed on local needs, can help people navigate government services and departments, help local groups take their issues to ministers and bring a profile to promote the region to businesses, tourists and investors. My commitment – I know that climate change is real and we need sensible policies to deal with […]



We need a CHANGE! Not necessarily in the Government of the day, but in the way we are governed. Politicians have become the slaves of their Party, in many cases led by self interest rather than the interests of Australia.  Do most politicians go into politics wanting to make a difference?  If so they then […]