Profiles of local people and businesses


Searching for the Perfect Life

  There are some people who have lived in a village like Tinonee all their lives. Then there are newer residents. like Cheree Finnerty, who discover this gem of a village and take a punt on moving and starting a business. Her business is hair and beauty, so tucked away on a property she shares […]


OUR HOUSE . . . Rachel and Noel Piercy.

  Acting Director of the Manning Regional Art Gallery, Rachel Piercy, and her husband Noel, have built an eco friendly home in Tinonee and haven’t had a power bill since! Q) What made you decide to build a Strawbale house? A) We have always been interested in sustainable housing, and after years of research, we […]


Whirlwind Donna owes it all to sheer hard work

She’s probably one of the most familiar faces in Wingham. A self-confessed foodie, a business identity, deeply devoted to promoting our local produce, and a dogged, dedicated, worker whose achievements, plans and dreams make you want to sit down, have a coffee and take a deep breath. Donna Carrier’s cheerful, if driven persona, is something of an inspiration. But, like […]


Still a Wingham Gal at Heart

One of Australia’s most esteemed film producers, Sue Milliken, has published a wonderful book of Aussie movie-dom anecdotes in collaboration with Australia’s acclaimed director, Bruce Beresford. One wonders if little Sue, growing up in Wingham with her brother, (noted journalist Robert Milliken) where their parents ran the Wingham Hotel (another heritage landmark lamentably now lost) ever dreamt of being a movie producer. ‘No! Not all,’ laughs Sue. ‘But I loved going to […]


More Than a Business

Belinda Messer had always wanted to run her own business but, sadly, it wasn’t til her mother died and left her a little bit of money, that she was able to create a place ‘that my mother would have loved’. ‘I thought about it for over 12 months, wanting something Wingham didn’t have, and this is what I came up […]


One Never Knows . . .

Survivor speaks out. One never knows what can happen, or has happened, behind closed doors in a quiet street in a nice little town. His voice on the phone was quietly firm and confident. ‘I have a story to tell. My story. I want to share it. To help others. My name is Ricky Gilfillan. […]


Stan Talks and Many Listen

Journalist/TV presenter Stan Grant is carving a new position for himself in the psyche of the Australian public. He is now standing up and claiming his identity, his culture and his future. His recent passionate speech about racism, his embracing and acknowledgement of his heritage and people, his desire to help black and white Australians […]


Straight Down the Middle

  When you live in a small community you recognise the locals even if you don’t know them. A nod, a smile, a greeting in the street might be all you exchange. In the Wingham supermarket, must customers would know the smiling face and cheerful demeanor of Katrina Greenaway. Sometimes you see her photo in […]


The Good Old Days of Early Television

Our first female Gold Logie Winner reminisces      by Hazel Phillips OAM ‘Write me something nostalgic,’ suggested the Editor on the phone. ‘Nostalgic!’ I replied to my friend Di (Morrissey), at my age, what else is there?’ Funny that. The older you get, the more the past impinges on the mind, and scenes you had forgotten […]


Voices of the Future

The current Captains of Wingham High School, Grace Callaghan and Jai Harrison, share their thoughts on living locally, their future and where the world is going. Politicians please take note! Jai and Grace met when they played music together in their school production of Romeo and Juliet. They teamed up and formed a musical duo […]


T’was ever thus?

John Albert Revitt, known in Wingham as “Jack Revitt” was a great reader which he passed onto his children, and granddaughter, Di Morrissey. Following his harrowing service as a stretcher bearer at the Somme and Flanders in WW1, he escaped with a book on the long voyage home in May 1919 while at sea on the transport ship, “Wyreema.” The book was “The Soul of […]


A Dream to Save our Planet

He’s a gentle man, softly spoken, with warm humorous eyes. Just the sort of person you can imagine as a kid growing up in Armidale who loved bugs, the bush and collected stamps. Now he lives quietly, adores visit from his grandkids, and appears to be enjoying retirement on his property at Bootawa. Yet Jim […]