A good place to start

A conversation with a charming, passionate, informed and intelligent woman friend, is hard to beat.  Talking with Patrice Newell is inspiring, depressing, challenging, informative, engaging. But above all educating. She doesn’t lecture, but shares knowledge from experience. And when we’re

Who’s minding the farm?

Patrice Newell, Penguin Random House, Australia 2019. Rrp $35 Who’s Minding the Farm? asks Patrice Newell, former journalist, now author and biodynamic farmer.  A self described ‘proud dirt farmer’, Patrice Newell considers there should be a Minister for Soil.  In

The last of the bushrangers: When the past got personal for Mike Munro

Kiera Lindsey When the producer of the Lawless TV series, called me about joining the Lawless team, I was not only thrilled to discover they were planning to open the cold cases of those infamous bushranger stories I had loved

Pixie O’Harris follow up.

(Following our story on the discovery of the Pixie O’Harris paintings at Manning Hospital, Dr Philip Walkom fills in some background.) “Originally the obstetrics ward was above what is now medical records and I did notice the Pixie O’Harris paintings

Umpires wanted

THE MANNING CRICKET UMPIRES’ ASSOCIATION IS LOOKING FOR CRICKET UMPIRES FOR THEIR LOCAL CRICKET COMPETITION The Manning River District Umpires’ & Scorers’ Association (MRDCU&SA) facilitates training courses on the Laws of Cricket for prospective umpires across the Manning. Umpiring is

A welcome Boost to Medical Care in Our Area!

Simon and Helen Holliday send welcome news about the establishment of an enlarged and comprehensive new medical practice in Taree – “The HealthHub . . . for every body.”  They’re relocating from Albert Street Medical Centre to the Butterworth carpark

Neighbours – they can affect your blood pressure!

In this day and age, unless you are out there on the wallaby all alone, we all have neighbours.  Even if you are in a caravan then you are going to have neighbours at various campsites or caravan parks.  Having

Skin Care For Teenagers

Having problematic skin in your teenage years can be one of the most significant causes of depression, anxiety and even fear of going out in public. Not only do they have to deal with the tidal wave of hormones but


There’s an old saying that goes:  Confession Is Good For The Soul.  With that high falutin’ thought in mind I felt it appropriate to confess that earlier this week or possibly even late last week (when you’re retired every day is

Caring for your garden through the dry

Well, there’s still not much rain about, and it seems there’s not a lot forecast for the foreseeable future.  It’s becoming increasingly worrying; especially as we move into the warmer months. At the nursery we have had many customers losing

Money matters!

Just what is an Imputation Credit Potential Windfall? I was bemused coming into the last federal election, over claims that only 200,000 pensioners would be impacted throughout Australia if the cash refund of imputation credits was scrapped. To me, it just


Many fish visit at certain times of the year. Right now it is the holiday season for tailor and salmon. Although I am a fan of tailor, particularly slow smoked, I really can’t get too excited about salmon.  Apart from