Skin Care For Teenagers

Having problematic skin in your teenage years can be one of the most significant causes of depression, anxiety and even fear of going out in public. Not only do they have to deal with the tidal wave of hormones but


There’s an old saying that goes:  Confession Is Good For The Soul.  With that high falutin’ thought in mind I felt it appropriate to confess that earlier this week or possibly even late last week (when you’re retired every day is

Caring for your garden through the dry

Well, there’s still not much rain about, and it seems there’s not a lot forecast for the foreseeable future.  It’s becoming increasingly worrying; especially as we move into the warmer months. At the nursery we have had many customers losing

Money matters!

Just what is an Imputation Credit Potential Windfall? I was bemused coming into the last federal election, over claims that only 200,000 pensioners would be impacted throughout Australia if the cash refund of imputation credits was scrapped. To me, it just


Many fish visit at certain times of the year. Right now it is the holiday season for tailor and salmon. Although I am a fan of tailor, particularly slow smoked, I really can’t get too excited about salmon.  Apart from


Collect the past and invest for your future. Enjoy a great hobby that will last you a lifetime.  Now is a great time to collect in the antiques line as prices are not strong and bargains are there to be



Dear Editor I have also had a experience with Greater Taree City Council tourism department which left me very disappointed. About 8 years ago I first wrote to them with a idea to increase tourism to the area from which I


In the jumbled storage area that used to be the nurses old quarters in Manning Rural Referral Hospital, Taree, a forgotten collection of twenty five murals has been re-discovered. They were painted by esteemed children’s artist and author, Pixie O’Harris.

At last! We have a Climate Change Policy and Plan

At the June 26, MidCoast Council Meeting held in Forster, Councillor Peter Epov successfully moved a Notice of Motion for Council to develop a Climate Change Policy and a Climate Change Action Plan on a vote of 8 to 1,

Our Press – Fragile and Not So Free

Our Prime Minister assures us that the AFP raids of last week had absolutely nothing to do with him. Well, of course not – he and his government are never responsible for anything.  As the economy staggers towards recession –

Is Wingham Withering Or A “Vibrant Community”?

An outsider’s view  Anyone who has read the in-depth articles about Wingham in the June issues of FOCUS magazine and The Manning Community News might be scratching their head in bewilderment because the articles are like night and day; one

Walking matters: We die from the feet up

To walk is human nature.  Anyone who can, does, even if it’s just from air-conditioning office to car to apartment, but how far or how fast is ideal for health? Our ancient ancestors peopled the globe walking or running every