Is This the Dumbest Deal EVER?

A Good Deal for the Developer it seems! Is the Forster Civic Precinct project, including the new library, the dumbest deal ever for the MidCoast Council? Riskier and more radical than even the Masters Office Centralisation Proposal?  Many in the

“I’m a climate warrior. Here’s why I paddled and dragged my kayak through three continents”

Steve Posselt My journey reminds me of the fight for our climate – a hard slog with mental challenges that will be won by ordinary people Tough Is Not Enough seemed an apt title. When I was very young, playing

Introducing “The Last Paradise”

In the ashes of her marriage Grace escapes her troubles by taking a job with a luxury hotel hidden in a stunning, untouched oasis in the heart of tourist-crazed Bali. Here, in this last paradise, she gathers the strength to


Boris Janjic (partner to our editor Di Morrissey) is a member of a very exclusive club – he climbed down Ayers Rock (Uluru) but never up the majestic sacred site. ‘Actually I was half carried down in a daze,’ he


As the weather warms and the days lengthen; we all get excited about the new season and the change of pace that comes with it. Just as we spring clean our homes; our wardrobes need an update too! Even though

Transition to Retirement Pension Tax Trap

Prior to 1st July 2017, transition to retirement superannuation pensions commonly known as TTR pensions, did not attract tax on fund earnings. However, from July 1st 2017, the fund earnings were taxed at 15% in the same manner as accumulation


Not only Donald Trump in the USA and Boris Johnson in the UK struggling to bluff and bluster their way out of their self-inflicted problems, but even the previously untouchable Canadian Justin Trudeau was embroiled in decades old controversies over

Here’s A new fundraiser for motorcycling enthusiasts!

Spectrum Support, Australia’s leading not for profit organisation dedicated to supporting those living with  Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and creating greater awareness of ASD across the broader community, has launched an innovative new fundraiser weekend getaway for motorcycling enthusiasts. The

Travellers share concerns

While having coffee one rainy morning in The Greenhouse at Nabiac, I spotted a couple relaxing over their coffee… with a book. These are my kind of people! I introduced myself  and ended up chatting to Jill Pierce and Craig

Getting kids excited about vegies

I have many fond memories from when I was a child of being out in the garden with my parents and grandparents playing and learning about where food on the dinner table came from (as I’m sure many readers might

Understanding skin care and make up

We are more educated than ever on what we put in our bodies, where products come from and are they sustainably sourced.  When it comes to make up and skin care products there is much discussion. Was it tested on

Ned Ludd got a bad press.

Ever wondered where the word “luddite” comes from? There are some who don’t mind being one! Friend Vincent O’Donnell explains  . . . I will never be guilty of insisting that ‘new’ is a synonym for ‘better’.  When it comes to