For me, there is no better habitat for dusky flathead than that which exists in Port Stephens . . . (though you might have your own little secret spot. The warm shallows west of Soldiers Point provides the ideal environment

A certain beautiful old age…

Admired and respected  Australian writer, Robert Dessaix dropped in to see us and said he is writing his next book and mentioned he’d like some suggestions from “readers of a certain age”! Robert explains here . . . . ‘The

Your Family and Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, domestic violence seems to be in the news, in the media, on a too regular basis.  So, what is domestic violence?  Domestic violence is any behaviour that is violent, threatening, controlling or intended to make you or your family


Wakefield Press, Mile End, South Australia, 2019 Peter Timms RRP $24.95 After finishing Timm’s discursive and tumultuous little volume (224 pages), I felt a bit dazed.  Timms spends a lot of time defining silliness, what it is and isn’t, in

Edible Australian Natives

While traditional vegetables are grown in the vegie patch and fruit trees often planted in an orchard, native Australian edible plants can be grown throughout the garden as shrubs, trees and even ground cover plants. With edible plants in every


Collect the past and invest for your future. Enjoy a great hobby that will last you a lifetime. Now is a great time to collect antiques as prices are not strong and bargains are out there! Like all things, antiques

Technology in beauty treatments

Are you struggling with problematic skin? Acne, Rosacea, or even skin aging? What can beauty services offer without the  invasion of surgery, the price tag of a new car or the pain and discomfort that comes with some of the

Help get rid of the dreaded bitou!

Join in Australia’s longest running bitou eradication project. This year’s Crowdy Bay National Park bush regeneration camp will be held at Kylies Beach (10 minutes south of Laurieton, 30 minutes from Taree) from 13th-19th May. Community members are invited to

The Village

Matt and Lentil. Published by Plum, RRP $45.00 Available in all good bookstores.

House of the month

This stunning Tinonee property is a piece of history, built in the year 1880.  For fifty gtears it was a maternity hospital. The current owners converted part of the house into the Terrace Cinema which opened in 1995 with only

From the Bunker

Tears from a true Aussie patriot (Our serial so far …  Secret agent 001 has infiltrated Pearly Gates Dormitory Retreat and uncovered a hotbed of geriatric sedition. The forces of evil were closing in as he pleaded for help.  How


BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH!!!  Especially if they fall in April, June or any other month!  I give this clear warning to you all for we know catastrophes and/or disasters come in threes. The first alarm rang when the brace