Understanding skin care and make up

We are more educated than ever on what we put in our bodies, where products come from and are they sustainably sourced.  When it comes to make up and skin care products there is much discussion. Was it tested on

Antiques and collectables

Collect the past and invest for your future. Enjoy a great hobby that will last you a lifetime, give you joy and allow you to make many new acquaintances. There is no limit to the interesting items that are out

Ned Ludd got a bad press.

Ever wondered where the word “luddite” comes from? There are some who don’t mind being one! Friend Vincent O’Donnell explains  . . . I will never be guilty of insisting that ‘new’ is a synonym for ‘better’.  When it comes to

What is eConveyancing?

Electronic conveyancing (eConveyancing) is part of the NSW Government’s commitment to leading digital innovation with the aim of minimising the manual process and paperwork associated with the settlement and lodgment of property transactions. It is also in line with the


I’ve never had much time for August and September so I’m glad it is over for another year.  I am often asked ‘what is my favourite fishing month?’ I have no hesitation in answering – February. Why February?  Generally, the water


(Yes, there really is a Barrington! But in the hills not the coast.) Barrington resident, Deborah Brooks, is concerned they might lose the beloved bridge. Barrington Bridge was opened in1920. A two-span standard Allan type timber truss road bridge crossing


Well, we’ve finally made it to that portion of the year when “the whips are crackin’,” and if you don’t know what that means, you really do need to get out more often! I can report several folk (who know who



Dear Mayor West Congratulations on your re-election as Mayor. You said on the NBN News the other night, “It’s up to us to listen to what they say. If there is any truth in anything they’ve said, we need to follow



Dear Editor, I was extremely disappointed when I read Mayor West’s comment in the Manning River Times 21/8/2019, attempting to justify the decision by MidCoast Councillors on a vote of 7 to 3 to reject a proposal put forward in



To The Editor- I was unfortunate to have an accident while holidaying at Forster…it was our last day and we decided to take a walk along beautiful One Mile Beach…a large dog ran into me from behind causing me to



Dear Editor,  On Thursday 5th September I enjoyed hearing fellow-movie lover Don Howard’s entertaining talk about his 50 years of experience with local cinemas, which continues today. The next day as I read The Manning Community News August issue, movie

It’s local government that affects our lives!

‘The role of local government is absolutely fundamental. Federal and state governments are obviously important, but most of the decisions that affect the day to day lives of Australians are made at the local level.’ Professor Brian Burdekin AO. One