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Dear Editor During the last week of February I visited Harrington / Crowdy Head for the first time since I moved away in November 2016 and it was very disappointing  to see the lack of general maintenance carried out in

Your Say


To the Editor With the resignation of the former General Manager of the Mid Coast Council,  as a concerned rate payer, one has to ask the following questions of Council. Who is responsible for the letting of contracts for the

Trapped in Wonderland. . .

With the sudden resignation, before Christmas, of the Council’s General Manager, Glenn Handford, after twenty years or so working for the Council, the question of his replacement is significant. As Cr Peter Epov stated in his opening remarks at the

What is really going on here?

While the land has been the subject of various contested challenges and complaints for a decade, Midcoast Council needs to come up with some answers,  the community is now seriously worried, as photographs have come to light of the unauthorised

A Local Takes a Hard Look at Council’s Figures

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Open Letter to MidCoast Councillors and MidCoast Council Community.   As the Mayor refused to allow me to address the MidCoast Council on 24/1/2018, I take the liberty of publishing the contents of my prepared address in the interests of

Changing the Culture

Resident David Poole requested to speak at the January 16 Council Meeting but, just as he started, the Mayor refused him the right to continue, saying he could only speak to the topic on the agenda. Because we were there

A Matter of Time

If you’re in a corner of Tinonee by the river at midday or midnight, and hear a clutch of cuckoos, bells and chimes . . .  it’s just Darren Bird’s nest of amazing collection of clocks and watches.   Darren

A Guide to Good Digestion

Nutritionist Lydia Irving begins a series on Good Gut Health Digestion Begins at the Mouth. A healthy gut is essential for wellbeing. This idea has been at the core of medicine for thousands of years. The ‘Father of Medicine’, Hippocrates, famously

A TIDE towards the Future for Chatham High

Recently, I had the opportunity to represent TIDE (Taree Indigenous Development and Employment Ltd) on an Authentic Assessment interview panel at Chatham High School. The Authentic Assessment interviews provide an opportunity for students to present two major assessment tasks to

Halcyon Days in the Great Lakes

As a child, when I was living in the Hunter Valley, I’d pay frequent visits to Forster with my family, long before the construction of the bridge.  I became familiar with the beauty of the place when I was very

Antiques and collectables

Collect the past and invest for your future. What adventures have you had through the last month? I hope you have found that special item you have been looking for. New Year is an adventure in itself and a perfect

Keep Us Going!

This newspaper is meeting a demand for an honest, fearless look at what is going on locally, and in the world around us.   We are, sadly, living in disappointing and dangerous times.  Whom do we trust to lead and