How To Set Up A Budget for A Small Business

For many business owners the first time they attempt to create a budget is when the bank says they need to see one. Typically this is prepared by their accountant, reviewed by the bank, and then promptly forgotten about forever.

House of the month

This is what Wingham is all about! Driving around our beautiful area… one can’t help noticing places for sale. We spotted this charming cottage that just shouts… “Look At Me! I’m SO Wingham!”   This beautiful colonial-style cottage is surrounded by colourful

“Unfettered and Alive – A Memoir”

Anne Summers. Allen & Unwin RRP $39 The Inspiringautobiography of one of Australia’s most influential women, from journalist to policy maker to change agent at large. “I was born into a world that expected very little of women like me.

Rainforest – dispatches from Earth’s most vital frontlines

Tony Juniper Profile Books, London, 2018 Rrp $32.99 Tony Juniper CBE is a prominent and well-known British environmentalist, campaigner, writer and sustainability adviser with numerous prestigious awards and a very extensive c.v.   Juniper joined the staff of Friends of


Sandy Macken Rockpool Publishing RRP $29.95 Sandy Macken is a writer, paramedic and spiritual teacher.  She has decades of experience in frontline emergency health, and brings a calm, grounded approach to all she does. As the bright lights and blazing

Bohemia Beach

Justine Ettler, Rrp $29.99 Transit Lounge. This book is a chaotic read. It matches the chaos that surrounds the protagonist.  Throughout the book Cathy is looking for her mother and never manages to find her, although she is told she

Moroccan eggplant recipe

INGREDIENTS 3–4 eggplants 1 kg roma tomatoes 3–4 teaspoons ground cumin 3–4 teaspoons ground coriander 3–4 teaspoons paprika 6–8 cloves garlic 1 bunch flat-leaf (Italian) parsley Olive oil  ½ cup red wine vinegar Salt and freshly ground black pepper  ¼

A Staple In Every Kitchen – a CWA Cookbook

This handy dandy one is published by Allen & Unwin.


The most frequent question I am asked – “Are there any sharks in Port Stephens?” – hoping that my answer will be – “No, there are no sharks here”. The truth, of course, is, “Yes there are!” This honest answer


And here we all are, heading at what seems like breakneck speed, towards another Christmas and I’m still trying to get over last Christmas!  Does anybody else have the feeling that time is really flying? So I had an e-mail from


We all have animals whether they are dogs, cats, birds or fish, reptiles or, perhaps, a pet shrimp.  Often our animals become part of our family.    Like our family members we have a duty of care in relation to


Know the past and embrace your future. Collecting can not only be beneficial as a great hobby but, can also give us knowledge about our history and about the life and times of our ancestors. Joy to the world and