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Almost six months have now elapsed and the residents of the Wingham and indeed the broader MidCoast community, particularly those who have family in cemeteries throughout the LGA, are still no wiser as to how such a desecration of their

The 900 year journey to press freedom and the right to vote.

Let’s face it: the natural state of government is secrecy. It is also the most cost effective, lacks red tape and is capable of immediate results.  What’s not to love about secrecy? Indeed, even the great society, founded to have


Boris Janjic (partner to our editor Di Morrissey) is a member of a very exclusive club – he climbed down Ayers Rock (Uluru) but never up the majestic sacred site. ‘Actually I was half carried down in a daze,’ he

A Memorial for the whole of New South Wales

Bernadette Foley takes a special tour of a special memorial  In recognition of Anzac Day this month, let me tell you of a walk I took recently through the striking new additions to the Anzac Memorial, New South Wales’ most

Picnic train atrocity in Broken Hill

New Year’s Day, 1915 A Tuncurry resident unearths some family history! January 1, 2019 marked the 104th anniversary of a fatal attack on a picnic train at Broken Hill, in outback NSW, which was the scene of the first terrorist

Where are the Jack Mundeys of today?

Jack Mundey became a national figure in the early 1970s when as Secretary of the NSW Branch of the Builders’ Labourers Federation (BLF), he led the union’s famous ‘green bans’. This extraordinary conservation campaign redefined the development of Australia’s major

The Good Old Days of Early Television

Our first female Gold Logie Winner reminisces      by Hazel Phillips OAM ‘Write me something nostalgic,’ suggested the Editor on the phone. ‘Nostalgic!’ I replied to my friend Di (Morrissey), at my age, what else is there?’ Funny that. The older

Fashion Is as Fashion Does!

  “Clothing has long been the means by which people have been assessed. What you wear immediately places the wearer in a social class or environment. This is as true today as it was in 1860. However, there is today