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The benefits of seaweed

The benefits of seaweed are quickly becoming one of the most popular ingredients in today’s cosmetics.  The ocean is a wealth of mineral substances and are concentrated in the cells of seaweed to produce a cocktail of elements to assist

Just what is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Graham Taylor I have just returned from Edinburgh, Scotland, where I presented a case study paper to 120 delegates of the International College of Applied Kinesiology. Attendees were from the USA, Canada, the UK, Korea, New Zealand and many parts


Usually, most people think that our skin is only vulnerable to the elements in the middle of summer, with blistering sun and 40 degree days,  but winter can be the time when our skin is under the most  amount of


Essential Oils have been used for centuries to promote healing and relaxation and, as our knowledge increases, we create stronger and more potent forms of what was used so many years ago. Like the pyramids of Egypt, they have stood

The Large Intestine: THE GUT MICROBIOME

The large intestine is the final stage of the digestive tract before the gut’s contents and waste leave your body. There are many interesting functions of this tube-shaped organ. The large intestine extends from the small intestine down near your

Our nutritionist, Lydia Irving, introduces us to The Small Intestine

Here we are at the small intestine, in the Fourth instalment of my Guide to Good Digestion. Parts One, Two and Three of our journey down the digestive tract are available on my website, if you need to catch up

Calm winter blues

Have you been feeling stressed, low on energy, unwell? Just not quite yourself? We all seem to have a busy lifestyle, so we don’t have time to be sick or unwell. Most of us go straight to the chemist to


Part 3: The Liver, Gallbladder and Pancreas.  Welcome to my third instalment of A Guide to Good Digestion. In the first instalment, I wrote about the role that the mouth plays in effective digestion, and the importance of chewing. In

A Guide to Good Digestion

Part 2: The Stomach   Welcome to the second part of my introductory guide to digestion. I hope you enjoyed Part One. I talked us through the beginning processes of digestion, everything to do with the mouth, and the important

A Guide to Good Digestion

Nutritionist Lydia Irving begins a series on Good Gut Health Digestion Begins at the Mouth. A healthy gut is essential for wellbeing. This idea has been at the core of medicine for thousands of years. The ‘Father of Medicine’, Hippocrates, famously

The Heart of the Matter!

Concerns in the community about having a heart attack are growing.  This paper has received several complaints about the lack of facilities and treatment of public patients who suffer a cardiac event due to there not being a cath lab

What’s wrong with families

There are good people in our community, quietly going about their work, who are seldom singled out or recognised for what they do. This month we meet a child mental health care worker.  Has family life deteriorated since we were