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The glamour girls

The Camellia is the icon of winter, unrivalled for glamour;  it is the shining star of the sleepy winter garden. Camellia are largely known for their lush, evergreen foliage, array of colour and variety, and their stunning flowers. But I simply love them for the warm welcome they provide, as I arrive home on a […]



Autumn is just the perfect time for working in the garden. The sun has simmered down, and the cold winds of winter are many weeks away. Now is the time to primp and prepare your garden for winter, and have it ready to shoot back nicely in spring. Lawns will be looking a little tired […]


Basic principles of good garden design

Step one: Don’t over-think it! Creating a beautiful and practical garden design is much like baking a cake; all you need is a good recipe, and the right quality ingredients. You may have a pantry full of ingredients, but you wouldn’t use them all, would you? That’s the secret of a great garden design; less […]


Shade in Summer Part two

So, I thought I’d use this opportunity to showcase some species that perform best in the Manning Valley and, ideally, aid in narrowing choices to find the perfect tree for your space. These are some of my favourites that are particularly stunning in summer, bringing a splash of colour into the garden in a time […]


Shade in Summer

Summer can be a tough time in the garden. Especially when most of your time is consumed watering and trying to keep your beloved plants alive; all while combating the blistering, summer sun.  Summer is the season where most of us have been caught out driving around the shopping centre carpark on a mission. Searching […]


Fighting Fruit Fly

There’s nothing worse than biting into a juicy piece of fruit and looking down to find that it is riddled with wriggling fruit fly maggots. YUCK! Followed closely by the thought of “Did I just eat those!?” Double YUCK!! These squirmy maggots develop into one of the Manning Valley’s most hated garden pest, the Queensland […]


Passionfruit Problem Solver

The Passionfruit vine is one of the most popular garden plants in Australia. It’s easy to see why, when they produce beautiful purple and white flowers, followed by loads of delicious fruit, all against a lush green backdrop. And the best part is that it can all be achieved in a small vertical space.  At […]


Making the Cut

Have you ever looked at a garden in the height of spring and just said “WOW?”  It may not be professionally designed, or have plants that are strategically placed, or even have a theme. It might just be a single plant or a group of plants that make that garden stand out from the rest. […]


Winter and Bare-Rooted trees

As we move into the cooler part of the year, you’d be forgiven in thinking that there’s not much to do in the garden, but to admire it through a window with a cup of hot tea in hand. But, if you can brave the weather, it can be one of the busiest, most productive […]


What a Show!

  Caitlin, our  gardening guru, visits the  Melbourne International Flower and  Garden Show. Anyone lucky enough to visit the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show (MIFGS) will almost certainly know how much of an amazing experience it is. Hosted for five days each year, in the heritage listed Royal Exhibition Building and the Carlton Gardens, […]


Autumn – A Great Time to be in the Garden

By our gardening guru, Caitlin Sawyer   With the nice drop of rain that I was sure we’d never get, it’s now a great time to venture out and really enjoy the garden again. You’ll start to see the Tibochinas bud up and flower, filling our streets with quaint dabbles of purple everywhere. It’s a […]


How to Beat the Heat

Some good tips from our gardening guru! With the weather the way it’s been lately it’s fair to say, and quite bluntly at that, it’s been “Bloody hot!” It’s a phrase that I’ve used all too often at the nursery, as customers speak of scorched or withered plants this time of year. It can be […]