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Making the Cut

Have you ever looked at a garden in the height of spring and just said “WOW?”  It may not be professionally designed, or have plants that are strategically placed, or even have a theme. It might just be a single

Winter and Bare-Rooted trees

As we move into the cooler part of the year, you’d be forgiven in thinking that there’s not much to do in the garden, but to admire it through a window with a cup of hot tea in hand. But,

What a Show!

  Caitlin, our  gardening guru, visits the  Melbourne International Flower and  Garden Show. Anyone lucky enough to visit the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show (MIFGS) will almost certainly know how much of an amazing experience it is. Hosted for

Autumn – A Great Time to be in the Garden

By our gardening guru, Caitlin Sawyer   With the nice drop of rain that I was sure we’d never get, it’s now a great time to venture out and really enjoy the garden again. You’ll start to see the Tibochinas

How to Beat the Heat

Some good tips from our gardening guru! With the weather the way it’s been lately it’s fair to say, and quite bluntly at that, it’s been “Bloody hot!” It’s a phrase that I’ve used all too often at the nursery,

Potato half barrels

From Grown & Gathered by Matt & Lentil ed Published by PLUM. Rrp. $45 A potato half barrel is a really fun and easy way to grow over 50 kg of potatoes on less than 1 m2. It doesn’t have to

Rounding Up the Facts on Glyphosate

  The use of the weed killer glysophate (common brand name, Round Up) is going to become a major battle. Yes it works, and yes it is a serious poison. But does it cause cancer? The debate is only beginning,

Creating Healthy Soil Workshop

You are invited to attend a one-day workshop, sponsored by LLS Hunter and presented by MOGG (Manning Organic Gardening Group). The workshop has been made possible through a Community Education Grant provided by Hunter LLS with funding from the Australian

Autumn Gardening

  Autumn is a pleasant time of year to be out in the garden – and there is plenty to do before winter sets in. Spring-flowering bulbs are planted in autumn. Most of these garden favourites originated in Europe and

New Year Gardening

January and February can be challenging months for gardeners. The effects of sunlight during the two hottest months of the year can be more severe in our lovely, pollution-free Manning Valley than it is in metropolitan areas. Rainfall can also

Spring gardening

by Lyn Bagnall Spring bulbs provide a lovely display in spring. A moderate application of complete organic fertiliser and regular watering in dry weather will help them perform at their best. Once flowering has finished, allow foliage to remain on the

June Gardening

Although few plants are suitable for sowing during June and July, there are plenty of things to do in the garden this month. It’s time to set up a support frame and sow broad beans. ‘Coles Dwarf’ and ‘Egyptian’ are