One voice can become many

Occasionally there comes a point in life when you have to stand up and say ‘Enough is enough.’ For Manning local Jennifer Schoelpple it was October 2013. ‘I’ll never forget that morning. The tipping point for me was when the Abbott government gave the green light for the AGL pilot wells at Gloucester. That final […]


Switch your power and hit the energy giants in the

The Big Three power companies – Origin, AGL and Energy Australia – are using their might to set back the path of renewable energy, be it solar, wind, wave energy or others. Power prices will no doubt go up as a result. The reliance on fossil fuels with all its attendant environmental damage is being […]


Our own Wollemi Pine?

We have one of the world’s rarest critically endangered species of orchid – the Wingham Donkey Orchid (Diuris flavescens) secretly surviving around our district. Botanist Andrew Paget of Wildwood Flora in Upper Lansdowne is its passionate protector, along with several local authorities and Greater Taree City Council. There are three known sites, one on private […]


One brother’s journey

Steve Posselt describes himself as an engineer, author, adventurer, eco-warrior and grandfather. Steve, aged 62, is currently paddling his kayak up the Mississippi on a personal campaign to raise awareness of global warming. Steve, from the NSW Northern Rivers, plans to continue through the Great Lakes to the sea at the top of Canada, then […]