Hunting on a main thoroughfare?

The other morning I drove up to see the sunrise at Breakneck Lookout in Kiwarrak State Forest above Taree. And beautiful it was too, though the logging has left behind some devastation and it’s hard to spot any big old trees anymore.  The view was great, hard to believe we’re a short drive ( a […]


Flying-Foxes are friends to the forest

FAWNA is perturbed about the sensationalist and alarmist take up in the media this week suggesting a spike in adverse human contact with flying-foxes.   This follows a recent alert from the Hunter New England Health that two of a number of flying-foxes that were examined recently tested positive for the Australian Bat Lyssavirus (ABLV).  FAWNA […]


Rainforest – dispatches from Earth’s most vital frontlines

Tony Juniper Profile Books, London, 2018 Rrp $32.99 Tony Juniper CBE is a prominent and well-known British environmentalist, campaigner, writer and sustainability adviser with numerous prestigious awards and a very extensive c.v.   Juniper joined the staff of Friends of the Earth in 1990 and led their international tropical rainforest campaign, and in 1998, became […]

Beyond the ValleyEnvironmenttravel

Planet over profit?

International air travel has never been such good value as now and aircraft are more comfortable, quieter and better in almost every way.  All good news for travellers. Hmmm!! Maybe.  But the next time you are celebrating those cheap flights you’ve secured by clever timing, take the time to consider  this:  is there a hidden […]


Local koalas get a boost

Myall Coast koalas are the focus of an ambitious new project to discover how best to look after them into the future. The Myall Koala and Environment Group has funded an exciting pilot survey with some fantastic results. Nine koalas were found during a survey of eighty-seven sites between Smiths Lake and the Karuah River.  […]


Why i’m deeply concerned about the state of the various

Dr. Jim Frazier OAM. ACS. GLOBAL WARMING. Global warming is only one small facet and gets all the press but, when you examine the bigger picture, there are far more serious issues now affecting the survival of mankind, and seriously jeopardizing the existence of future generations. OCEANS. The seas are rising, warming, turning acid, and […]


A local resident pleads for a better life for Koalas!

To Mr Adrian Panuccio, Councillors and Staff, MidCoast Council. First of all, I would like to congratulate and welcome Mr Adrian Panuccio, starting his new job as our General Manager for MidCoast Council. I hope this will be an opportunity for Council to set our region on the right track towards prosperity, diversity and environmental […]


Kiss the brush goodbye?

Following feedback from our concerned community over unauthorised plans by the self-appointed WAG (Wingham Advancement Group) to turn the iconic Wingham Brush Nature Reserve into a defacto congested camping ground, Mike Thomas, a representative of the National Parks and Wildlife Service, which is responsible for the Brush, and a Midcoast Council Representative, Daniel Aldridge, met […]


Welcome to Wingham!

The Wingham Brush Nature Reserve has always been a place for local people and visitors to spend a day picnicking, fishing, putting a boat in the river, walking through the Brush. But, since a small local, self-appointed group, WAG, the Wingham Advancement Group, has stepped in as defacto arbitrators of what they call, The Wingham […]


The background story

We asked Wingham resident, John Stockard, a member of the original team who fought to restore the Wingham Brush, and pioneered a world first in rainforest regeneration, known as the Wingham Brush Method, for the background story.  Wingham Brush Nature Reserve is the site of the first formal attempt to restore a rainforest.  Prior to […]


What is really going on here?

While the land has been the subject of various contested challenges and complaints for a decade, Midcoast Council needs to come up with some answers,  the community is now seriously worried, as photographs have come to light of the unauthorised work being done on this two thousand-plus hectare site in such a pristine location. The […]

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Planetary health – We’re all in this together

On Thursday 14 December last year, Helen Clark, formerly Administrator of the UN Development Programme and Prime Minister of New Zealand,  launched the new Planetary Health Platform at Sydney University. Planetary Health recognises the links between human systems and the earth’s natural systems. If we damage the latter, then we also damage the prospects for […]