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Why climate change is an irrelevance, economic growth is a myth… and sustainability is forty years too late

Kevin Casey. As someone who has been exploring the world’s most isolated wilderness regions for nearly half a century, I have some insight into the state of the planet and the human race’s current environmental befuddlement. I’ve watched the condition

Understanding China

Those who are concerned about the rise and influence of China need to understand that the Chinese are only doing what we have allowed them to do over the past 25 years! To fully understand China one also needs consider

Chinese whispers…

A retired businessman friend recalled visiting heavyweight bigwigs in government in Beijing in the 1980s and being told. . . “Chinese are very patient people. We have 50 year plan and 100 year plan. First 50 year plan is Australia

Chinese Whispers

Conspiracy theories, rubbish or a grain of truth? You tell us… The fees at the Bucketts Way tip are going up! This means uncaring locals might well be dumping their waste in the bush and out of the way places.

Chinese whispers … May 2015

What people tell us! Conspiracy theories, rubbish or a grain of truth? You decide. There’s a local carrier who sold a couple of his trucks for a very good price locally to an Afghan dealer who ships them overseas. The