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A Staple In Every Kitchen – a CWA Cookbook

This handy dandy one is published by Allen & Unwin.


America’s myth of goodness

Michael Katakis (Michael is an American writer, photographer, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and manager of Ernest Hemingway’s literary estate. His latest book is “A Thousand Shards of Glass.”) People and nations are propelled and held back by their myths. Myth is repeated over time, generation after


Glancing at this book’s cover, resplendent with chooks and scrolls, could lead you to think it will be a happy tale of rural life, but a closer look at the shot of dusty orange paddocks tells the real story of

“Rusted Off: Why Country Australia is Fed Up”

Merit or tradition?  Political journalist, and resident of a small rural NSW town, Gabrielle Chan, reflects on political attitudes to rural and regional Australia. Penguin Random House, Rrp. $34.99 “The former Nationals senator Ron Boswell was quite the character around

The Single Ladies of Jacaranda Retirement Village

Joanna Nell  Hachette Australia RRP $29.99 A moving, funny, heartwarming tale of love and community. Peggy Smart, a widow of four years, with two caring(interfering) children, has been living at Jacaranda Retirement Village since her children persuaded her to sell


Naben Ruthnum. Text Publishing, Melbourne. RRP $19.99 For the reader who is hoping for new ideas about preparing wonderful new curry recipes, disappointment is around the corner!  It is true that there is one curry recipe, on pages 41/42, but

Yummy Easy Quick

Matt Preston Published by PLUM  39.99 The World’s Best Rissoles I must admit this isn’t saying much! But, rissoles are back, baby. Good times. makes 12 prep: 20 mins cooking: 30 mins 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 small onion, fi


An extract from ‘Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia”. Edited by Anita Heiss. Black Inc RRP 29.99 One of my earliest memories is of eating white bread sandwiches with my dad. Not vegemite or peanut butter or devon and tomato sauce


Pan Macmillam.  RRP  $32.99 Hugh Mackay has spent almost his entire working life asking Australians about what makes us tick, what are our basic concerns, what gives us hope and meaning, why do we do what we do? His acute observations,


Tracy Sorensen.  Picador  RRP $29.95 This book is the story of a Galah, and the people in a small town who are important in her story. The small town is Port Badminton. With some exceptions – the bank, the post

The Coal Truth: The fight to stop Adani, defeat the big polluters and reclaim our democracy

David Ritter  $29.99 Since 2012, the fight to stop the opening of the vast Galilee coal basin has emerged as an iconic pivot of the Australian climate and environment movement. The Coal Truth: the fight to stop Adani, defeat the