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Wakefield Press, Mile End, South Australia, 2019 Peter Timms RRP $24.95 After finishing Timm’s discursive and tumultuous little volume (224 pages), I felt a bit dazed.  Timms spends a lot of time defining silliness, what it is and isn’t, in

The Village

Matt and Lentil. Published by Plum, RRP $45.00 Available in all good bookstores.

Those were the days!

“Old Days, Old Ways” Alex Nicol. Allen & Unwin Rrp. $29.99 Alex Nicol has is a great yarn spinner. Essentially a radio man, starting as a trainee with the ABC, then started  All Ways On A Sunday radio program for


by ANDRENA FINLAY and SUE MILLIKEN What does a producer do? The short answer is, without a producer there is no film. Two of Australia’s most experienced producers, ANDRENA FINLAY and SUE MILLIKEN, have collaborated on a handbook about producing


Mia Kingslie.   Available from Amazon This a book inspired no doubt by “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy. It is of the same genre, except it is focused on a woman going through a dystopian end of the world scenario. 

Sydney Noir

Edited by John Dale ISBN: 9781925589436 Brio Books, Sydney Sydney has long been the inspiration for chilling and original crime fiction. Gabrielle Lord, Peter Corris, P.M.Newton and others have flipped over its seedy side to take readers right into its

Stinker Launches another book

Stinker has many talents! He’s published four books and I was honoured to launch his latest children’s book – “The True Adventures of Clarabelle”. It’s a true story based on the 1955 floods when a cow was washed down the

“Unfettered and Alive – A Memoir”

Anne Summers. Allen & Unwin RRP $39 The Inspiringautobiography of one of Australia’s most influential women, from journalist to policy maker to change agent at large. “I was born into a world that expected very little of women like me.

Rainforest – dispatches from Earth’s most vital frontlines

Tony Juniper Profile Books, London, 2018 Rrp $32.99 Tony Juniper CBE is a prominent and well-known British environmentalist, campaigner, writer and sustainability adviser with numerous prestigious awards and a very extensive c.v.   Juniper joined the staff of Friends of


Sandy Macken Rockpool Publishing RRP $29.95 Sandy Macken is a writer, paramedic and spiritual teacher.  She has decades of experience in frontline emergency health, and brings a calm, grounded approach to all she does. As the bright lights and blazing

Bohemia Beach

Justine Ettler, Rrp $29.99 Transit Lounge. This book is a chaotic read. It matches the chaos that surrounds the protagonist.  Throughout the book Cathy is looking for her mother and never manages to find her, although she is told she

A Staple In Every Kitchen – a CWA Cookbook

This handy dandy one is published by Allen & Unwin.