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Trumped! Deal me out.

  In retrospect they should have seen it coming. There and here, the pundits, pollies and polls were dead wrong. Over the endless months of the USA presidential campaign the media couldn’t get enough of the star of the show. Love him or loathe him, it was compulsive viewing and listening. Hillary seemed invincible despite […]

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The lucky country? Or simply second rate?

  In this extract from his talk on Radio National’s “Ockham’s Razor”, Scientist and author, Prof. Ian Lowe, challenges Australian leaders to closely examine the state of the environment, population and economy to plan a better future.  “The late Donald Horne was a truly important Australian intellectual. His 1964 book The Lucky Country caused a […]

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No matter where you stand on detention laws in Australia,

This is a transcript from ABC Radio National’s Law Report. Here a Burmese refugee, Imram Mohammed speaks articulately, and heart breakingly, about his detention on Manus Island with ABC Radio National Law Report reporter Rachel Carbonell and Daniel Webb from the Human Rights Law Centre which, along with on line advocacy group, GetUp, recently launched the ‘Bring […]

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Olympic Circus – the Flame Fades

Who knows what Zeus, the king of the Gods, would make of the modern Olympic Games, started as a religious festival in his honour nearly three thousand years ago. There were no medals, just a wreath of leaves and a hero’s welcome home. And, before the Games, a truce was called in order to halt any […]

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New Zealand is magical by coach

  There’s a reason that the sun shines on New Zealand before anywhere else – every new day in Aotearoa is something to cherish! Whether one is marvelling at the spectacular glaciers, or picturesque fiords, or simply relaxing in a thermal pool, New Zealand is magical on a Grand Pacific Tours Coach Holiday. Relax in […]

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We’ve Been … Done Like a Dinner!

Maybe the dust has settled after the council amalgamation, the election distractions, daily routines restored, but, let’s face it. Democracy is dented. The bare faced brutality of butcher Baird’s slash and burn re-inventing of the state of NSW to bow down under his council mergers plan, which we now know goes back well into 2015, […]

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American Style Medicare? No thanks

Whether we like it or not, Medicare is being slowly dismantled by stealth. The very idea should send us running for the stress pills. Medicare is a major issue for Australians. Yes, there are those who abuse our health system, sometimes just from sheer laziness, thoughtlessness or stupidity. But we are damned lucky to have it. I have just been […]

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The Reef

A catastrophe is unfolding on the Great Barrier Reef. From Cairns to the Torres Strait, vast swathes of once-colourful ribbons of reef are a ghostly white. The Reef is experiencing the worst mass coral bleaching event in its history. The good news is we’ve brought together over 50 leading scientists for a powerful joint statement. Together, they have over 1,000 years of experience studying climate change, […]

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Behind Closed Doors . . .

  Dementia . . . the secret dread of ageing. But it’s not all bad news . . .  Gary Thomas, Regional Manager Alzheimers Australia North Coast NSW,  and Dr Jacinta Guthridge, Geriatrician, based at Taree Aged Care Services servicing the Lower Mid North Coast Sector (South to Hawks Nest, North to Moorland/Harrington, West to […]

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What happens to food that isn’t sold and doesn’t meet supermarkets perfect presentation standards yet is perfectly nutritious and edible? One couple, Ian and Simone Carson, also wondered this and came up with an idea to form SecondBite in 2005. This national charity now rescues surplus fresh food from farmers, markets and supermarkets and redistributes […]

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Now THIS Sounds Like a Council!

The Mayor of the small NSW seat of Liverpool Plains, Andrew Hope, has fought off amalgamation and won.  And it’s a win-win for everyone. With a population of eight and a half thousand, and big brother neighbours  Tamworth and Gunnedah, it was deemed not ‘Fit for the Future’, so was told by Ipart they’d have […]

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Renewing Towns and Cities

Our southern neighbour, Newcastle, has transformed itself from a grungy coal city on the coast to a buzzy, thriving, booming and popular destination. There are many reasons, but there’s one story of man who has played a vital role. Marcus Westbury looked at his home town with fresh eyes and had an idea. The results […]