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Beyond the Valley

What is the TPP and how it affects us

We hear a lot about the Trans Pacific Partnership (the TPP) but what is it? And why do we not know much about this “free trade agreement” when it’s going to have massive effects on Australia’s future. The big question is – why the secrecy? When the government obfuscates, waffles and spins, we are right to […]

Beyond the ValleyPeople

Just one day of the year

In June we recognise World Refugee Day. A day with little to celebrate for many. However, quietly living among us are those who have left their homeland to make a better life in Australia. And as Tin HtaNu states, ‘I owe my life to Australia, so the work I have been doing is an appreciation […]

Beyond the Valley

Where are the jobs?

Dr Geoff Hudson is a computer expert, inventor, and physicist from Melbourne. Here he offers some visionary thoughts on Australia’s declining employment opportunities. China has achieved great employment increases by managing its exchange rate so its manufacturing could out-compete everyone else. Germany has done a similar thing by using the other weaker economies in the EU […]

Beyond the Valley

Be sure it’s Australian!

Support our growers, farmers and what’s left of our manufacturers. To be sure of buying Australian made and produced food, look at the barcode at the bottom. Don’t be fooled by things like ‘Manufactured in New Zealand.’ Often it might be put in a tin or packet in NZ but the FOOD contents come from […]

Beyond the Valley

A little out of town . . .

Are you aware of the US military incursion, or build up, that’s happening in Darwin? Soon another 1150 marines will land bringing the permanent peacetime deployment of foreign troops on our soil to over 2000 before we know it and then what? And it’s not just boots on the ground it’s the full kitbag of […]