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Beyond the Valley

Exploring the Deep South

Recently, we travelled to USA to attend a wedding. We only spent two weeks in the country, but we packed a lot into our time there. We landed at Dallas after 15 hours non-stop. My first impressions of Dallas were of all the development taking place, from the airport to the city. There were new industrial […]

Beyond the Valley

Visit Two Iconic Pearl Farms – Off Sydney and Broome

Cygnet Bay Pearls is pleased to announce the inaugural ‘Australian Pearl Masterclass Voyage’, a new immersive experience, which tells the complete story of the Australian pearl, and what it takes to bring this extraordinary industry to life. This new immersive experience offers a unique opportunity to learn about the Australian pearl, in extraordinary, pristine marine environments. The […]

Beyond the ValleyPeople

When will he be free to live and laugh and

Imran Mohammad is 23 years old and a Rohingya refugee who has been in detention on the hellhole of Manus Island since 2013. At Christmas (2017) he was notified to go to Port Moresby to be interviewed by US officials to be included in the Australian-US refugee exchange program.  He is still there waiting for […]

Beyond the ValleyEnvironment

Planetary health – We’re all in this together

On Thursday 14 December last year, Helen Clark, formerly Administrator of the UN Development Programme and Prime Minister of New Zealand,  launched the new Planetary Health Platform at Sydney University. Planetary Health recognises the links between human systems and the earth’s natural systems. If we damage the latter, then we also damage the prospects for […]

Beyond the ValleyPeople

Why private schools should be banned

Elizabeth Farrelly   If I had one wish for Australia it’d be this. Ban private schools. The Turnbull government has been caught hiding funding figures for Catholic schools but it beatsmewhy such funding even exists. Indeed, it beatsmewhy private schools exist. Why they’re even legal.  Private schools don’t necessarily produce bad people, although it’s true […]

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Where are the Jack Mundeys of today?

Jack Mundey became a national figure in the early 1970s when as Secretary of the NSW Branch of the Builders’ Labourers Federation (BLF), he led the union’s famous ‘green bans’. This extraordinary conservation campaign redefined the development of Australia’s major cities by saving iconic heritage areas like The Rocks in Sydney. The BLF refused to […]

Beyond the Valley

Sydney’s future lost to concrete and clay

‘We’re building Sydney’s future!’’ declare the hoardings. And they’re right. That’s what scares me. For it’s a future that reduces this intricate and leafy heart of old Sydney to a concrete-and-steel cacophony; fast, featureless and corporate-minded. In a word, grey. Much of Sydney is naturally blessed, but this historic core is unique as a made […]

Beyond the ValleyPeopletravel

Gold Fever!

Tinonee residents, Chris and Graham Gibbons are keen travelers on a mission.  Here Chris tells of gold detecting at Forsayth in outback Queensland.     We have just returned from two months at Forsayth in Queensland, where we have been going for the last seven years, getting away from the winter and doing some detecting […]

Beyond the Valley

Planet must tap into granny power.

Elizabeth Farrelly To my surprise it was a woman making coffee – an older woman, a granny barista.  Of course, that shouldn’t be surprising, except that it doesn’t happen – like, ever. Occasionally in DJs or Maccas you’ll get a granny retail assistant, trailing clouds of resentment.  But when a job gets smart or edgy […]

Beyond the ValleyPeople

Prince of Misrule

The internet is alive with stories about Prince Philip, including some dubious facts.  Such as, that he has written 14 books, to which we can return later. When it was announced, very recently, that he was standing down, he famously remarked “Well, I’m finding it harder to be standing up.”   HRH has been the […]

Beyond the ValleyChinese whisperstravel

Understanding China

Those who are concerned about the rise and influence of China need to understand that the Chinese are only doing what we have allowed them to do over the past 25 years! To fully understand China one also needs consider that the Chinese have lived and survived, and continue to do so, in mass density […]

Beyond the ValleyEnvironment

Undermining Adani

  “When I rafted the Franklin in the 1970s, I knew the campaign to save that spectacular river, despite local support for damming it, would become one to test that generation. In 2017, stopping the Adani coal mine is a campaign to test this generation of Australians.” Bob Brown  “In forty years time people will […]