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Beyond the ValleyPolitics

Our Press – Fragile and Not So Free

Our Prime Minister assures us that the AFP raids of last week had absolutely nothing to do with him. Well, of course not – he and his government are never responsible for anything.  As the economy staggers towards recession – tanking growth, moribund wages, rising unemployment and massive under employment, consumer  spending falling away, national […]

Beyond the ValleyPolitics


A breakdown of who won and who lost.  NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, won an historic victory, against significant odds to become the first sitting female Premier to lead a political party to be re-elected to Government in NSW. For the moment, let’s put aside her destruction of Sydney and its heritage buildings, trees, and space, […]

Beyond the ValleyEnvironment


We have all seen the shocking state of the river system that was the life blood for a huge area of QLD, NSW and SA.  The deaths of millions of fish, some so old they have survived all other water problems, has shocked us all.  We can blame the drought and agree with Minister Niall, […]

Beyond the ValleyHistory

A Memorial for the whole of New South Wales

Bernadette Foley takes a special tour of a special memorial  In recognition of Anzac Day this month, let me tell you of a walk I took recently through the striking new additions to the Anzac Memorial, New South Wales’ most important and prominent monument to the men and women who served in the wars. My […]

Beyond the Valley

Stop Adani Car Convoy Itinerary

– Subject to change Wednesday 17th April 2019 – Hobart -Devonport-Melbourne (overnight)  Public Event: Parliament Lawns / event Departure Point: TBC Thursday 18th April 2019 – Melbourne event – to Albury Public Event and Departure Point held together: venue TBC Friday 19th April 2019 (Good Friday) – Albury – Sydney  Public Event: N/A Departure Point: […]

Beyond the ValleyPeople

Travel to a new life, Imran!

Like everyone who has met him, or knows Imran Mohammed’s story,- Rohingya refugee, who suffered for five years in detention on Manus Island after fleeing his homeland, Myanmar, separated from his scattered family, we wish him safety, joy and fulfilment on this new journey in his life.  While Australia rejected and punished him for seeking […]

Beyond the ValleyEnvironment


Charles Pope One of the great pieces of legislation that has evaded policy makers is the need to produce energy at minimum cost, maximum reliability, and minimum carbon emissions. Renewables (mainly solar and wind) with battery backup are touted as the next big thing. Currently renewables and hydro deliver around 8% of our energy. There […]

Beyond the Valley

The Pearling Game

During the early 1970’s Warwick Finlay was working as a sound recordist assigned to the ABC’s top-shelf show, “A Big Country.”  Here he reminisces about one particular shoot. By Warwick Finlay It was my lot to travel around the country in the company of good crew members gathering interesting stories and having a fine time. […]

Beyond the Valley

High Speed Rail – A vision for NOW!

Imagine having the opportunity to board a train at a station in Taree and one short hour later, arriving at Central Station in the heart of Sydney.  Remarkable? Transformational? Well this is what a High Speed Rail line from Melbourne through Sydney and on to Brisbane would deliver.  A fast train moving at the slower […]

Beyond the ValleyPeople

Imran Update

Some readers have asked how our friend Imran, the refuge from Manus who has been settled in to Chicago in the US, is faring. I received this note recently. Modestly, he doesn’t mention that he was a guest speaker at the “Voices for Justice” Convention in Chicago in November and received a standing ovation.  Dear […]