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Charles Pope One of the great pieces of legislation that has evaded policy makers is the need to produce energy at minimum cost, maximum reliability, and minimum carbon emissions. Renewables (mainly solar and wind) with battery backup are touted as

The Pearling Game

During the early 1970’s Warwick Finlay was working as a sound recordist assigned to the ABC’s top-shelf show, “A Big Country.”  Here he reminisces about one particular shoot. By Warwick Finlay It was my lot to travel around the country

High Speed Rail – A vision for NOW!

Imagine having the opportunity to board a train at a station in Taree and one short hour later, arriving at Central Station in the heart of Sydney.  Remarkable? Transformational? Well this is what a High Speed Rail line from Melbourne

Thailand… honeymoon haven or handmaiden to Saudis? Thailand should return football player refugee to Australia, not Bahrain

Elaine Pearson Recently, with the world watching, Thailand did the right thing and took action to protect a vulnerable 18-year-old woman Saudi woman, Rahaf Alqunun, and stopped her forced return to Kuwait. She has been given refugee status by Canada. 

Imran Update

Some readers have asked how our friend Imran, the refuge from Manus who has been settled in to Chicago in the US, is faring. I received this note recently. Modestly, he doesn’t mention that he was a guest speaker at

A means to travel, learn and find a career!

Dana Villiotis There hasn’t been a time in my life when I didn’t have goals.  When I was in Kindergarten, I was determined to have the most gold stars on my chart. By the end of the year, you bet

Our women need support.

Leonie McGuire, who has worked so tirelessly for women affected by domestic violence, was last month awarded a prestigious Edna Ryan Award for 2018.    The EDNAs are awards for women who have made a feminist difference – the battlers and the

Right outta Redfern

A suburb and its history through one woman’s eyes Kirsten Garrett Extract: Ronda is a Redfern identity, an icon, heart of gold and everyone’s friend. “It’s because I talk to everyone even the junkies and drunks,” she says. “They’re just

What keeps Australians awake at night

Many Australians are worried ! They may not look to be outwardly, but engage them privately and you will discover that people are disturbed by many things.  And most of us are more worried now than at any other time

Planet over profit?

International air travel has never been such good value as now and aircraft are more comfortable, quieter and better in almost every way.  All good news for travellers. Hmmm!! Maybe.  But the next time you are celebrating those cheap flights

Hidden Power, Hidden Influence

Increasing influence and manipulation by some overseas countries is a very real danger to Australia and much of the free world. Our knowledge of this complicated world is a bit like an iceberg — we are only really conscious of

Director Bruce Beresford’s new Aussie film has a Wingham connection!

The new Australian movie, which has just opened to rave reviews, has a strong Wingham connection. Sue Milliken, one of the producers, who is also the co-writer, grew up at the (now sadly missed) Wingham Hotel, run by her parents,