Rebuilding Beautiful

This year is going quickly for most of us, even if “locked down.” Now some of us are lucky enough to be getting out and about, visiting friends, and enjoying the beautiful weather in the Manning Valley. 

But are we ready for this spring and dare I say it, Christmas!  So now is the time to kickstart our beauty regime once again and get ready to be noticed…  

Are you ready for Spring?

It is amazing how much our lives have changed and we’ve had to adapt. One minute we are trying to find some kind of normal given all the changes in our lives and now we are thrust into warm, even hot, weather. Now we have to prepare ourselves for being outdoors, soaking up the beautiful rays of sunlight. SXo here’s some advice on how we can safely play outdoors, and prepare our skin after being wrapped in cotton wool for so long. 

So off come the layers and with-it months of hiding ourselves,  so it’s time to redefine what is beautiful. by rebuilding your self esteem to feel vibrant, confident and proud to be you. 

Rebuilding Beautiful


We should all adapt to drinking more water 

especially when the weather is warm. I recommend drinking about 3 litres a day. You do not want your skin looking like a dried-up prune, so hydrate it. This is one of the most effective ways to positively impact on our skin and overall health


Another vital step in rebuilding beautiful. So many people I meet arestruggling with their skin also have difficulty managing an effective diet. Not having the correct diet and fluid intake accounts for many underlying health issues.

Diabetes, heart disease even depression to na few. It is extremely difficult to rebuild beautiful if you are struggling with an illness, so take steps to ensure you body has the correct fuel.


This is a critical step and places our body into an operating rhythm. Our Lymphatic system is our body’s primary way of removing toxins and disease and unlike the cardiac system does not have a heart to drive it.  

For the lymphatic system to work requires movement. This is the reason you do not move if you have been bitten by a snake.

If you can hydrate yourself and ensure that you are eating the correct diet and then remove the toxins by exercise, then you have just created a cycle. When you   

can achieve this cycle you will feel amazing, your skin will look radiant and so much of the stress and problems in your life will be reduced.  

The best beauty  advice you can get is not about expensive products claiming to have miracle ingredients. 

For those who have a lot of work to do, start small – one glass of water, one healthy meal throughout the day and one walk down the street this week. 


Once you have the three pillars of long-term health established, we move on to the next level of skin health. Australia has the worst incidence of skin cancer in the world and one of the worst issues you can have with you skin, is skin cancer. 

So take heed of sun damage.

Whenever you are outdoors, wear sunscreen. There are products available now whiich have the very highest sun protection factor and are even tinted to match the colour of your skin. This is used almost as a foundation for people who work out in the sun


This step always gives immediate results to the skin. Exfoliants are either granular or chemical to remove the dead skin cells that clog our pores. I prefer to use the granular exfoliant. Exfoliate your skin once a week is all it will take to look refreshed and youthful. (Just remember one of the chemicals excreted onto the surface of our skin in some products is ammonia. I do not know of a person alive that would like to have ammonia on their skin. So do a skin test first.)


Our skin protects us from the environment, assists with thermoregulation, communicates hot/cold/pain. As soon as the body loses water it will impact on your skin. Usually by increasing wrinkles. To a beautician, we notice the change in skin and can see the dehydration. Water consumption and a good moisturizer will assist in your overall skin health and help to lower wrinkles and maintain skin elasticity   

Spray Tan

Spray tans are a great way to give a sun-kissed glow without the sun damage. Unwrap your body with a bit more confidence without baking in the sun by using a spray tan professionally applied using non  chemical products if you prefer.


Sounds so simple but avoid going to bed with your make up on no matter how tired you are as it will increase the effects of premature aging. 


We all know that smoking is one of the best ways to wreck your skin. The smoke breaks down collagen and elastin in your skin to permanently damage your skin. This will create premature aging. 

Living Beautifully 

As a beautician we are required to do a consultation prior to a service to assess the client and be aware of any contraindications that might prevent or restrict some procedures. Imagine how good your skin would be if you controlled the lifestyle factors prior to coming into the salon.

That would not be rebuilding beautiful it would be living beautifully – and it all starts with one glass of water…


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