Response to the community advertising campaign

About 30 minutes after the first two TV evening news stories ran regarding the NO MidCoast Council Move to MASTERS media campaign, MidCoast Council Mayor David West issued what he termed an ‘Open Letter’ to all Councillors and certain selected staff.

In that ‘Open letter’ Mayor West stated:

“…..councillors, a short note to let you know that there will be a comprehensive response to the current television campaign from the objectors to the Masters project.
Those of us that care about the future of our council, its staff and community  know the truth and  we will hold that line against those that wish to distort the facts.”

No facts have been distorted in the TV Commercials. 

Cr West’s statement clearly demonstrates his personal desire to force through this Master’s Warehouse Office Centralisation move regardless of the facts, community concerns and public sentiment. It also illustrates why there was no Community consultation prior to, or after, the acquisition of the Masters Warehouse, and why the recent consultation on the so called ‘financing strategy’ was such a sham.

It is a very sad state of affairs and an indictment on the Council when the community has to resort to TV advertising to raise the attention of the Council over this contentious endeavour.

This paper has been embraced by the public for providing background and information not available anywhere else. Locals share what they know, what they see and hear, and what they are concerned about in our community.  And mostly these issues stem from complaints about MidCoast Council.

T’was ever thus. Every town and city I visit around the country to speak at public events, I find the locals feel the same and complain about their council, be it small or seriously large matters.  

For councillors it comes with the territory. They are the public faces we elect. The “backroom” staff essentially run the joint, while the highly paid senior staff and directors generally keep their heads down, and prefer that the community keep out of their way as they go about “doing business”, supposedly to benefit us. 

Is our GM worth  $350,000 a year? (At least he’s not being paid the $450,00 that GM Handford received.) Is The Director of Corporate Services, Steve Embry, worth over $200,000? The Mayor worth a package of $100,000? 

And as for some of our councillors, they’d benefit by going back to school to learn some basic English grammar, spelling and some damn manners. The emails I have been forwarded penned by special standouts, Crs Brad Christensen, Troy Fowler and Len Roberts, are cringe worthy. Their sprays on public Facebook posts border on threatening and cruelly rude. 

Which brings me to the personal insults and attacks on myself and this paper by some aggrieved Councillors, and our charming Mayor, most recently concerning the television ad raising awareness of the possibility of stopping the Move to Masters to centralise our Council. 

Certain members of the public decided to put their money where their mouth is and fund a TV campaign urging members of the community to stand up and have their say. To go to the council meeting in Forster, February 6 and make their views known. 

I was invited to participate in the TV ad as Editor of this paper, and I accepted. I am not in cahoots with Cr Peter Epov, although I admire him for looking at the facts of the centralisation project and deciding it was an impractical plan. I did not know Katrina Pearson until we met for the Master’s campaign. 

Make of this veiled threat from our ex-copper Mayor to his Councillors … “As a police officer I found that people that manufacture truths do not have good memories, that has been abundantly displayed over the last few months. This discussion is not so much about Masters it’s about de amalgamation, that is never going to happen. Two items will cause this titanic struggle to sink and I have no intention of disclosing that. Please take care truth is strength.”

To the many thousands of readers of this paper – thank you for your support and donations, news and information. We remain an independent, honest, legitimate and legal publication. 

And we will continue to shine a light in dark corners. 

Di Morrissey. (Editor/Publisher)

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3 Responses to Response to the community advertising campaign

  1. Maria Bekker says:

    Thank you Di for standing up for us. You are a very well known and loved author and always have had our best interest at heart. I remember the AGL gas exploration debacle in Gloucester which thankfully was stopped in no small way by your actions to inform the people.
    Information is hard to come by and I despair and despise this council that seems to think they are God in a ivory tower!
    My husband and I plan to be in Forster on the 6th of February.
    We are in our 80th and won’t be carrying placards but the more people will be there; the better it is.
    Could we get a Current Affair involved?
    Thank you and God Bless

  2. David Olliffe says:

    I really can’t add to what has already been said apart from being frustrated with not only this level of government but the other two as well, just look where we are now through seemly self interest.

  3. michael says:

    Nice tanty mayor.
    The biggest dud of a council previously and nothing has changed.
    Forster / Taree was a grade a dump 25 years ago. Its a grade a dump now and will be in another 25 years.
    The ABS is clear. The least educated, poorest, most overweight and oldest population in stralya. Are you surprised you have the laziest most inept council staff as well?
    Stats out this week. The two worst performing areas in all of NSW for property prices. Taree and Great Lakes. Surprise surprise.

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