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Councillor’s attendance at Council Meetings

Attendance at Council Meetings 27/9/17 to 28/11/18



  Bell 17   11 28  
  Christensen 17   10 27 *
  Epov 20   11 31  
  Fowler 17   12 29  
  Hutchinson 19   9 28  
  Keegan 17   9 26 *
  Pontin 16   11 27 *
  Smith  20   11 31  
  Roberts 17   11 28  
  McWilliams 17   12 29  
  West  20   12 32  

At the November MidCoast Council Meeting the questions were raised regarding attendance at Council Meetings. The Manning Community News has examined the published Minutes of all the MidCoast Council Meetings between 27 September 2017 to 28 November 2018 and the results are recorded in the table below / above.

In total there were 32 recorded meetings consisting of 20 Council Meetings (including Extraordinary Meetings) and 12 Strategic Meetings.

Councillors Epov,  Smith and West attended all twenty Council Meetings. Mayor West tops the overall attendance roll with 100% having attended all 32 meetings closely followed by Councillors Epov and Smith who tied on a 97% attendance having attended 31 meetings each.

Lowest attendance score was recorded by Labor’s Councillor Keegan with 81% (26 meetings) just one below Crs Christensen and Pontin who tied on 84% having attended 27 of the 32 meetings.

Whilst attendance in one measure of participation a further more relevant measure is what the Councillors actually contribute to these meeting by way of debate and informed opinion when they do attend these meetings.

Council meetings are not intended to be rubber stamping events of what the council bureaucrats want; they should be a contest of ideas and intellect in order for informed decisions to be framed in a transparent arena, so that public confidence can be maintained.

Clearly the debates on the Council floor (with the exception of several councillors) have been very poor and leave a great deal to be desired.

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